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Relationship Exercise For College Students In Jinan City And Subjective Well-being

Posted on:2015-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Definition of the concept of physical exercise is not determined, integration. Theconcept of physical exercise by the China Li Shanhua made very good interpretation:"the essence of sports training is a physical exercise, the main effect is to preventdisease, cure disease, entertainment. Three main factors as physical exercise, healthconditions, external environment. The purpose of the exercise is put forward by WangZeshan, she thought, physical exercise is to exercise the body quality, strengthenresistance, prolong the life of the people, and helps to improve people’s humanisticquality and enrich people’s inner world. The intensity and frequency of physicalexercise were determined motion effect."Ci Hai" explanation: physical exercise is anenhancement of various disease resistance and one of the best ways to live in harmonywith nature friendly. The interaction of physical exercise and the externalenvironment to achieve this objective."Sports and health course" theory, highereducation press pointed out, exercise of the role is to promote the harmonious state ofbody and mind, by strengthening the organizational structure and human organs forstimulation adaptability, making human biological function is greatly improved. XiYubao once pointed out: physical exercise is to physical and mental pleasure, physicalfitness, mental activity can exercise for the activities, through various activities ofbody health and exercise load to enhance human body ability, promote theharmonious development of body and mind, one of the exercises to improve andmaintain the higher horizontal movement of. Exercise a strong heart and lung systemin the body, enhance the adaptability of the body to the surrounding environment,improve reaction speed of the body, when the maximum response reduction ofinjuries to a minimum extent dangerous body meet, let the body is full of sunshine,have a healthy body.Subjective well-being refers to the intrinsic criterion individual think should havea regular life quality and level and the reality of life in the general quality of life andlevel or even completely fit. That is the ideal and the reality of harmony and unity. It has the individual independent judgment, comprehensive and not changeablecharacteristics. With the rapid development of positive psychology, subjectivewell-being arouse wider vision and expectations. Because it give us positiveemotional incentive mechanism. The emotional incentive mechanism cancharacteristics of high integration, comprehensive high, and most generally accepted.The evaluation standard is widely accepted as a fair and, it is believed to be a goodstudent evaluation standard of living and psychological state of positive. Subjectivewell-being is more extensive evaluation degree positive graduate in three dimensionsof cognitive, behavioral, emotional. To understand the level of students’ subjectivewell-being level is beneficial to understand the thinking of graduate students, providetheoretical basis for the promotion of mental health for the development of graduatestudents. The study found, exploring different degree postgraduate SWB indirectlyreflect their thinking activities, to further improve the system construction and deeptheoretical level of subjective well-being, so as to promote the development of thetheory of psychology.Through this study, we draw the following conclusions:(1) the subjective well-being in different research group differences. Study on thestudents who live in the city than live in villages and towns graduate students havehigher life satisfaction, more positive emotion index. And graduate student subjectivewell-being dimensions in gender, science and arts. There were no significantdifferences in.(2) the subjective well-being in different grade differences also exist. A study ofstudents in life satisfaction is significantly lower than that of two, three of lifesatisfaction.(3) the average income of families also have different effect on subjective well-being.The average family income2000~3000students have higher life satisfaction, morepositive emotion, negative emotion index lower index. (4) influence satisfaction, graduate student physical exercise to the life positiveemotion index, moderate amount of exercise the highest degree of life satisfaction,positive emotions in the highest index.(5) graduate exercise duration affect subjective well-being dimensions. Exerciseduration is long, the subjective well-being is higher.(6) physical exercise in the graduate group, there was an interaction between the typeof exercise and exercise time. Moderate intensity exercise, the maximum duration willconstantly improve Postgraduates’ subjective well-being.
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