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Analysis Of Chinese Doctoral Student Recruitment Approach Change

Posted on:2012-09-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W Y ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207330335998488Subject:Higher Education
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Compared with western countries, postgraduate education started fairly late in China. At the very beginning, there were many problems during this, such as deficiency of financial input, lack of training experience, shortage of teaching troops. And through the hard working, tens of thousands doctors and hundreds of thousands masters are graduate every year in recent times. Therefore Chinese postgraduate education becomes a major portion in the world which is a great job. But meanwhile, quality issues of mass culture in doctoral education become a social focus because of more attention on postgraduate education. As we can see, in our country the main developing task of doctoral education has turned into quality from quantity. The reform of doctoral education should be further carried out alongside with the promotion of quality education.Doctoral education influenced by many factors, such as historical basis, national economy, level of technology and education. The promotion of quality education is the result of optimization and integration of so many factors. Recruitment is the most basic part in the whole doctoral education. Graduate matriculate quality would directly affect the whole quality of doctoral education. Enrolment system should react firstly in the whole doctoral education in order to solve the quality problems. The country and many universities are exploring effective selective modes, hoping establishing an implicative efficient enrolment system.This paper analyzes the reasons of the emergence of application mode for admission and its current situation in light of China's basic condition through all necessary research methods. In the meanwhile, the paper makes comparisons between China and foreign countries to ensure equality. Then the author does necessary researches to investigate this reform achieves remarkable results. It could be further promoted as a new selective mode.
Keywords/Search Tags:Enrolment of Doctoral Education, Application Mode for Admission, Reform of the Enrolling System
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