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A Study On The Motivation Of Senior Middle School Students' Physical Education In Changsha City

Posted on:2015-07-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330431450633Subject:Physical Education and Training
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High school is a higher education in our country compulsory education of nine yearsafter the end of the learning phase before entering university, is also an indispensable.Countries in1995issued "on the evaluation about1000high school model notice", to promotethe overall level of high school education to improve the. Sports teaching is the unity ofteaching and learning activities, is one of the basic ways to realize the goals of schoolphysical education. But the majority of students, teachers, parents on the college entranceexamination subjects, on sports teaching does not pay enough attention, and even contempt,the all-round development of the students is very bad. In order to understand and grasp thehigh school student’s PE learning motivation, targeted to improve the enthusiasm of students’learning, this paper strictly in accordance with the requirements of sports science researchmethods, under the guidance of education, school physical education, physical educationteaching theory and other related theories, using the method of literature research method,questionnaire method, mathematical statistics, logic analysis method of Changsha City,10provincial level demonstrative high school students’ PE learning motivation research, anddraw the following conclusions:1) high school students a good physical education class desire is universal, the ubiquitouslearning desire focuses on students’ sports demand and sports interest.2) the demandcharacteristic of physical education student diversity, the needs of the students "good teachers,good teaching, good environment, good project."3) of students’ learning interest inextracurricular sports activities of the students compared, their interest is reduced by10%.Three into the physical education students interest in learning is not high. Senior threestudents in physical education learning interest increased slightly nervous learning.4)students by learning the pressure especially the influence of the pressure of college entranceexamination, showed a positive study on physical education for timing decreased. PE learningmotivation from low grade to high grade direction continues to weaken. The importance andnecessity of the student to the physical education learning to maintain consistency inrecognition, and have a positive attitude and knowledge.5) the physical and psychologicalfactors, the teachers’ leading role, social values, the pressure of learning, school managementdeficiencies, is a basic factor of influencing learning motive of students of physical education.6) teachers’ expectation and teachers feel contradiction, expectation and reality dilemma isone of the reasons is the quality of teaching; students’ motivation of learning.7) the teacherteaching ability differences, strengthen the training of teachers’ ability, is an effective way toimprove the quality of teaching, is the effective way to improve the learning motive of students.8)"demonstration, focused, language fluency, multi skill, medical supervision" andother five items, and nearly half of the students evaluation for the general level. So that toimprove the teachers’ teaching ability is an important and urgent work.9) the effective changeof senior high school students in physical education countermeasures and suggestions ofmotivation, is not only the subject of sports teaching, society, school, family in the promotionof the giant has can definitely guide the senior high school students learning motivation.Therefore, study for master students’ learning motivation in senior high school and highschool physical education teaching provides a basis for.
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