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Construction Of Applied Technology University

Posted on:2016-12-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330473460610Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Education is the cornerstone of national rejuvenation and social progress and a fundamental way to improve the overall quality of our population and promote their all-round development, bearing the hope of hundreds of millions of Chinese families for a better life. In the national education system top university, its fundamental mission is to promote the sustainable development of society and progress. Local undergraduate colleges and universities as an important part of our country’s higher education system, in our area will play a more important role in social development, to undertake a more important mission. The development of the local undergraduate colleges and universities in China and the speeding up of popularization of higher education are strongly proves this point.Local undergraduate colleges and universities after years of development, outstanding achievements, but there have been many problem that nots allow to ignore. Look from the national level, the state shall pay attention to the inadequate, insufficient funds input; Higher education system is not perfect, running mechanism security weakness; Developing ecological structure imbalance, low degree of social recognition. From the point of its own development, location is not clear, reasonable layout of disciplines, teaching mode, assimilation of personnel training, teachers strength is weak, the scientific research level is not high, the low level of social services. In the new normal, in the face of "employment" and "labor shortage" puzzle, people pay more attention to the local undergraduate colleges, hoping to find method of crack. With the deepening of the education practice and the deepening of exchanges with foreign countries, people began to pay attention to and promote the transformation of local undergraduate colleges and universities, the construction of university of applied technology may be a new trend. Therefore, further discusses the necessity of local undergraduate colleges transformation has become one of the purposes of writing.Paper through consulting a large number of literature, from the relationship of education and social development, on the basis of the theory of public policy and higher education supply and demand, and higher education management, education ecology theory, further demonstrates the relationship between local colleges and regional development problems, clear local undergraduate colleges and universities in the major role of regional economic and social development and strategic position, and analyze the "employment" and "labor shortage", and aims at our country at present problems existing in the development of local undergraduate colleges, combine the experience of international vocational education reform, where pointed out that the undergraduate course colleges and universities to "service place, connotation development", to realize their own value, you must "transformational development at the same time, puts forward the realistic choice is the construction and development of application technology college. To illustrate the necessity and importance of construction application technology university, and puts forward policy Suggestions. This is the second writing purpose.The third purpose, of the paper lies in the transformation of local undergraduate colleges and universities development put forward policy Suggestions. Construction of university of applied technology is one of the practical way for the development of local undergraduate colleges transformation, but not the only option. Face a sizeable local undergraduate colleges and universities, to solve the problem of the development of its own reality, must be based on the school, to local, from serving local economic and social development, exert their own advantages, to find their own characteristics, must not "one size fits all", or so-called consciousness transformation may create new "thousand school side", therefore, the paper on the basis of the experience of German university of applied technology development for reference, combining the reality of the development of local undergraduate colleges and universities, put forward to realize the transformation of local undergraduate colleges and universities development, breaking the "employment" and "labor shortage" puzzle, should perfect the top-level design, strengthen scientific management, to strengthen the social identity, at the same time, need to get related summary of practical experience of work, make it rise to theory transformation in order to better guide the practice.Thesis combining the reality of the current transformation of local undergraduate colleges, focuses on discussing the transformation in the development of local undergraduate colleges and universities, subject with strong pertinence. On the basis of the collection literature, in combination with related theory, has made some theoretical analysis, recommendations have certain reference value, but the practice is still has the certain difficulty, need to further refine and improve.
Keywords/Search Tags:regional social development, local undergraduate colleges, university of applied technology
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