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A Study On The Cognition Education Of Students 'Professional Role In Children' S Normal School

Posted on:2016-04-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Occupational choice is one of the most important events in people’s lives,and the occupational values reflect people’s attitudes towards occupational and belief. Occupational values of preschool education majors have great influence on their schoolwork and even on their approaching employment, and directly influence their attitudes towards major studies in school, their motive force of studies, and their ultimate occupational choice.The present essay, by means of questionnaires and interviews, and study objects of preschool education majors in Qingdao preschool education college, is trying to make sense of current situation of preschool education majors occupational values, to discuss current situation and characteristic of their occupational values, to excavate various and profound reasons why their occupational values came into being, and to offer them suggestions and countermeasure.The essay is divided into three parts.Introduction and the first chapter, it overviewed of the current status of the academic which has study the occupational values and others, explains the significance of this subject selection and analyzes, sorts and summarizes collected files and documents. At the end of this part, research goals, thoughts and method of this study is explained.The second chapter, we have discussed and analysis of preschool education major occupational values of Qingdao preschool education collage. This part firstly introduces the questionnaires design and the implementation employed in the project, and then analyzes statistical data by means of questionnaires and interviews, and describes the current situation of preschool education majors at this collage, their evaluation of preschool teacher’s career, and their preference of values when facing occupational choice.The third chapter, we have discussed the suggestions. This part firstly analyzes the total characteristics of occupational values of preschool education majors, including variety of values orientations, attaching importance to relationamong peoples; giving simultaneous consideration to material requirement and so on.And then acquires the basic characteristics of the student’s occupational values from the aspects of grades, resource of student and so on. Secondly, this part objectively analyzes the reason that influence and restrict preschool education major occupational values, including society, family, personal elements and so on. Finally the part gives suggestions and countermeasures such as enforcing educational guidance for students’ major identity, optimizing the composition of students’ qualities, training and improving students’ ability of being employed.
Keywords/Search Tags:preschool education majors, occupational evaluation, occupation choice, education of occupational values, task unit
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