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Research On Service Outsourcing Strategy Of Equipment Maintenance In SH University

Posted on:2017-03-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207330482497737Subject:Business Administration
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In this paper, the service outsourcing decision-making model of equipment maintenance is studied, the definition and development of equipment maintenance management are defined, the meaning of outsourcing and the whole process of the work mode are described. On the basis of full investigation of the current situation of equipment maintenance management in SH University, the positive significance and risk of service outsourcing of university equipment maintenance service are expounded, and the existing problems are analyzed by summarizing the current situation of equipment maintenance management in SH University. Because of the problems in the equipment maintenance management of SH University, this paper has carried on the redesign of the service outsourcing strategy. Based on the characteristics of university management and the analysis of domestic related literature, this paper extracts the three dimensions of market maturity, technical complexity and risk degree as the basis for the decision model of equipment maintenance outsourcing. According to the type of equipment required to maintain, each dimension of the different equipment is divided into low, medium and high, so that the combination of equipment is analyzed and placed into the decision-making model, and finally a total of 27 kinds of decision sets are formed. According to the characteristics of SH University, this paper analyzes the main equipment types and puts forward the decision combination of various types of main equipment in SH University, and analyzes the problems which should be paid attention to. Finally, this paper also combines the model of equipment maintenance service outsourcing strategy, from the strengthening of regulatory oversight, improve the rating assessment mechanism, and improve the incentive and restraint mechanisms outsourcing outsourcing strategy to ensure the effectiveness of outsourcing services.
Keywords/Search Tags:Equipment Maintenance Service Outsourcing, University Logistics, Decision-making Model, Relationship Management of Outsourcing
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