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The Study On American Professional Doctorate In Education (Ed.D.)

Posted on:2013-11-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Ed.D.----the abbreviation of Professional Doctorate in Education, is a professional doctorate. It is an advanced professional degree in the field of education, aiming to cultivate the practice-oriented senior specialized talents of education. The Ed.D. project is not only well adapted to the popularization of higher education, specialization in the field of education, transformation of social labor market and university idea and other needs, but also popular with the students. The United States is the earliest country which set Professional Doctorate in Education and also the most developed country of Ed.D.. We just set up the professional doctorate of education in2009, so we need to think and design the Ed.D. training program with Chinese characteristics according to our national conditions seriously. Through the research, we can further learn about the experience and lesson from the development and reform of the United States professional doctorate in education. It can guide the development of our professional doctorate of education.The text is divided into four parts:The first part is the introduction, pointing the cause of the problem, reviewing the related literature at home and abroad and presenting research method and train of thought based on the literature review.The second part elaborates the emergence and development of the professional doctorate degree in the United States, and analyzes the background factors of the emergence and development in detail.The third part is the practice and the characteristics of the professional doctorate degree in the United States, including the analysis of the training program and main characteristics.The fourth part is problems and challenges of the professional doctorate degree in the United States,. The biggest problem is similar to the doctorate of philosophy. The second one is the value of the degree is low and the standard is uneven.
Keywords/Search Tags:the United States professional doctorate degree of education, development, practice characteristics, problems and challenges, suggestion
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