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Excellent Language Teachers' Professional Affective Research

Posted on:2005-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360122993539Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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Education can strengthen our nation, and teacher is the key to develop education. Along with the rapid development of science and technology, knowledge economy shows powerful gradually, and the power competition among countries tends to become more and more impetuous. Education now is been putting in strategic status by the countries of the world, at the same time, the teacher professional development is regarded as an important trump to improve the quality of educating.Excellent teachers of Chinese language are excellent deputy about teacher professional development. People pay more and more attention to their pullulation. This paper wants to research such following issues: the factors that lead them becoming excellent teachers, how the factors act, any revelation to the common teachers, and so on.This paper use method of text coding basing on the pullulation autobiography of some excellent teachers of Chinese language, so as to can open out how important the choiceness character of the teachers in aspect of affection is on the way of the teacher professional development independent.1 analyze the professional affection of excellent teachers of Chinese language from four aspects. The first is education faith and ideal. Excellent teachers of Chinese language pursue faith and ideal in the person of thinking meaning of Chinese language education forwardly and consciously when they teach, seeking after their role orientation, paying deep-felt attention to the students' life value. The second is education sensibility. They will taste abundant education sensibility, mainly embody occupational elevation feeling, morality feeling and joviality feeling from taste. The third is teachers' will and character. They have strong will, mainly embody consciousness, insistent character, self-government, etc. The last one is teachers' self-awareness. It mainly embodes that they can self-aware, pay attention to self-development, and renovate consciously. Education faith and ideal is the core of the above four aspects, is on the upper level, is the genius support of the teachers replying on engaging education activity, and also is the power inspiriting teachers undertake education activity consciously.We can gain some apocalypses from the excellent teachers' account in their words about coming on. Common teachers must pay attention to the harmonious development between awareness and feeling, build up great education faith and ideal, walk along the path of professional development which is oriented by self-renovation, if they want to become excellent teachers.
Keywords/Search Tags:Teacher professional development, Excellent teachers of Chinese language, Education faith and ideal, Education sensibility, Teachers' will and character, Teachers' self-awareness
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