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A New Period Of Chinese Scientific And Technological Research

Posted on:2008-09-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:B L WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360215460301Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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China' s science and technology have obtained many magnificent achievements. College is an important force to promote the development of Chinese science and technology. In different historical periods, Chinese college' s Science and Technology although fluctuates, since a new period of reform and open policy , college' s science and technology developed in the full scale. College' s scientific and technological issues although are very many, but mainly include:science and technology education, scientific and technological research, scientific and technological achievement transformation as well as scientific and technological cooperation and exchange and other issues. By reviewing China's scientific and technological development can be found in history : China' s science and technology development and the colleges are closely linked, without the participation of colleges and universities, there would be no progress in the enterprise of science and technology. Science and technology evaluation of colleges needs to draw a certain measure standard, through to quantitative analysis of scientific and technological personnel, scientific and technological papers, patents, transformation quantity of scientific and technological achievements, the papers of international cooperation get a clear understanding about colleges in our country.Based on the above data collation and analysis, We reached the following several conclusions: College's scientific and technological education has trained the massive scientific research personnel for the Chinese science and technology development. College' s scientific and technological research achievement displays through the paper quantity and the patent number, moreover presents the tendency which increases year by year. Colleges and universities must accelerate the pace from scientific and technological achievements into practical productive forces. Scientific and technological papers is the effective way which promote global scientific and technological exchange and cooperation, the quantity of chinerse scientific papers which are worker out by international cooperation have a gradual rising trend. Colleges must improve the weak links in the issues of science and technology.
Keywords/Search Tags:Colleges and universities, scientific and technological personnel, papers, patents, scientific and technological achievements transformation, scientific and technological exchange and cooperation
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