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Tutoring In The Student Satisfaction Research

Posted on:2007-02-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R H TianFull Text:PDF
GTID:2207360215466328Subject:Business Administration
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The summary is satisfied to customer the research was quite a few already, study medium a lot of useful conclusions, but attend lesson to guide outside of the student Be a customer, pass the student's satisfaction research and test to the evaluation of the teaching to reflect a textual and special angle of view then.This text is tallying up the customer satisfaction research result, combing foundation of study the theories and teaching theories up, the opinion that combines a student designed influence lesson to guide the factor and the factor importance inquisition form of high school student's satisfaction outside, make use of virtuous method of Delphi " to carry on investigating covariance, make exchange to check a data after passing the kandall consistency letter degree examination, statistics the influence lesson guides a high school student outside satisfied the 8 greatest factors power is heavy, and with customer satisfaction theories for guide, to 8 influenced a heavy allotment usage of the power of the factor to study greatly and the teaching theories to carry on rationality analysis. Open the exhibition satisfaction to investigate through three guidance schools after, statistics 8 greatest factors to add comprehensive satisfaction of power, contrast each factor to add comprehensive satisfaction and total satisfaction of power student's satisfaction each power that influence factor is heavy to assign with the examination how effect is. The inquisition statisticses a result a manifestation:Three guidance schools adds comprehensive satisfaction of power to belong to with total satisfaction all same satisfied the class degree, difference all in 5% scopes, so influence lesson to guide a heavy allotment of the 8 greatest factors power of[with] student's satisfaction outside not only in 1 % show the top of the level is authentic, and is valid in 5% level tops. So this research result can used for the high school lesson to guide the satisfaction test that the organization carries on a student outside, the check satisfaction is each results condition of main influence factor, in order to adopt valid measure, make use of a limited resources of the guidance organization well, improve each factor results, raise the teaching level and efficiency, raise the satisfaction of student's customer in the meantime, promote a guidance organization effectively,fast development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Guide outside of the class, learning, customer satisfaction, power heavy, Reliability, validity
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