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Study Of The Higher Vocational College Graduates

Posted on:2008-07-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360215474824Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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In recent years, the higher education in our country entered the popular stage with the expedition of the higher vocational colleges. The total quantity of university graduates is increasing rapidly. The university graduates are harder to get employed. The employment question of higher vocational graduates is sterner with the unemployed of the cities and the rural labor force shift and this series of situations appeared. Whether can this kind of graduate get employed or not has caused attention of the government, the family, the higher vocational colleges and the graduate. Whether can the graduate gets employed is a major problem relates the all high duties of the graduate. Therefore, to study the employment question can promote the harmonious of socialism; can promote modernization of the higher education, can enhance the popularity level of the higher education, can promote the development of the higher vocational education.This article mainly studies the employment question of the higher vocational graduates from the angle of the labor market and the education service market. First, it analyzed the opportunity and the challenge which the higher vocational graduate faced, then discussed the reason for the difficulty to get employed and how to solve this question through the labor market division theory, the unemployment economic theory and the occupation search theory. The dual division of the talented person market (main labor market) and the labor market (secondary labor market) in China is very serious. The higher vocational graduate is at weak position in the main labor market, they lack the competitive ability, and they are not willing to go to the secondary labor market, this is not only because of the ability but also because development of the labor market system is imperfect, it lacks the higher professional technology labor market. Therefore this article distinctively proposed to perfect labor market system in our country, and it analyzed the objective demand, the significance and the measure of the higher professional technology labor market, and stated that should open a special market for the higher vocational graduates. The higher vocational colleges also had to consummate the teaching service system vigorously, the employment education service system, and the colleges should give career guidance according to the different level labor market, and it should strengthened the creation of careers to the graduates. At the same time, we must develop communication channel of the labor market and the education service market; we must strengthen the cooperation of the schools and the companies according to the specialty; we must advance construction of the employment place; we must strengthen the market disposition of "the double teacher"; we must establish the network employment service system. Finally, it proposed some policy suggestions from the macroscopic angle to solve the employment question of the higher vocational graduates: The government must enlarge the investment; strengthen the propaganda, to build a good survival development environment for the higher vocational education. The government should promote the higher vocational colleges to improve the condition of the school. The government should enlarge the construction of employment place.②All levels of local government must support the construction of the higher professional technology labor market, and cause it to form the special employment way of higher vocational graduate.③To establish the communication and the coordinated mechanism between the social security department, the educational administration department, the high duty colleges. The government departments must promptly forecast and announce employment situation and the employment information.④we should rigorously consummate the employment system, and guarantee the professional superiority of the higher vocational graduates in the employment competition. We must remove the system barrier, and advance the mechanism implementation of the"non- barrier employment".⑤To establish the higher vocational educational evaluation system and take get to employed as the guidance, and established the development mechanism unify higher vocational education and the regular announcement system and the appraisal and the investment.The research characteristics of the article as follows:①The angle of research view is new, it cuts into the spot from the close coordination of the labor market and the education service market, it distinguishes between the similar research.②Make a new viewpoint publicly and proposed the construction of the higher professional technology labor market, this has a practical significance to the labor market system of our country.③The writing characteristic of this article is to unify the fundamental research and the practice research, the macro examination and the micro examination.
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