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The Situation Of Contemporary China Charity Foundation, The Problem With Regulation

Posted on:2009-04-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360242988231Subject:Administrative Management
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In the modern society, the Public Welfare Foundation is one of the non-profit organizations (NPO) which sets up the endowments from society for charity in order to provide and maintain the public welfare cause and serve the public welfare interest. In China, the Public Welfare Foundation is one of the newly emerging things since the reform and open policy. After the Chinese Child Youth Foundation ---China's first public welfare foundation --was born in 1981, there are at least 2000 public welfare foundations until now. In more than twenty years, the Chinese Public Welfare Foundations have created many public welfare brands, such as the Hope Project, the Happy Project, etc., which play the important and positive roles in the modern social public affairs.But due to its short history, the Public Welfare Foundation has much weakness, such as the few numbers, the small scale, the society affects, the system ill-consummation, malfunctions etc. Moreover, the domestic fundamental research and the practice exploration are still at the start stage. So in the research on the relational development between Chinese government and the public welfare foundation, there exist many problems that the government insufficient supports, the improper management to the public welfare foundation, slow development, the limited function, the weak society affects and the insufficient public welfare. These benignity interacts between them will seriously affect their continual development. The relation between the public welfare foundation and government still faces a great deal of predicaments at present.So this thesis will explain the current situation of the public welfare foundation and government's relationship, analyze the problem and predicament faced in the relative development, and enhance the government regulation in reference to foreign relevant theories and practical experience in connection with Chinese situation, in order to achieve the positive influence on the government and society and accomplish the aim of the continuous development.
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