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Teachers College Student Satisfaction Index System

Posted on:2010-04-24Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2207360275983111Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Since the 1990s, Theories and methods of customer satisfaction (CS) research strategy has been continuously developing and perfecting in the western developed countries. Customer satisfaction index has become a very popular and a frontier topic at home and abroad. Currently, research and application of customer satisfaction are mainly concentrated in industrial enterprises and some services, but research of customer satisfaction index problem is rare in education service.With the expansion of universities,entering of foreign high school, and the foundation of some training institution, the higher education has been mass education but not elite education, this is the cause of the student contention problem in higher education. The school provide education, students are the products and customers of schools, students pay money and energy to school as customers, the service should be provided by school. The school service satisfaction to students directly affects the survival and development of student, therefore, it is a important factor to improve students'loyalty that concentrated in students'satisfaction index.Based on this conception and ASCI model, our paper provides a new base model on the Test of College students Satisfaction Indexs. With assessment of four perspectives, which are students' expected quality, students' perceived quality, students' perceived value, and student's satisfaction, we can get the loyalty of students eventually.Firstly, we can get the preliminary investigation indicators through the literature review. Then, we extract satisfaction indicators with normal college characteristics by interviewing method. Combinations of the above, six key factors, which are Instruction and Learning , the Teaching Staff ,Teaching Facilities,Self-development, and Logistical Support,will be determined.Second,put the questionnaires to obtain survey data of student satisfaction, and make empirical analysis of these data. In the analysis of data, we can get the relevance between student satisfaction and importance.The four-quadrant analysis method is used to draw a better school development projects,the item is able to retain, the project need to improved and the project has been abandoned.Third, follow the way of problem-solving, analyses the results of the empirical research and put forward a number of recommendations and strategies.
Keywords/Search Tags:normal college, eduction services, satisfaction, research foundation
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