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Carry Out Effective Primary School Mathematics Teaching And Research Activities

Posted on:2011-07-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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"Primary Mathematics curriculum standards" s clear that the main way of learning math should be simple memory, imitation and training into a self-exploration, cooperation and exchange and practice of innovation; mathematics classroom from a simple transfer of knowledge into the students actively engaged in halls of Mathematics activities, build their own mathematical understanding of place and effective; mathematics teaching should be from the primary experience of life and background of existing knowledge, to engage them to provide adequate opportunities for math activities and exchanges to help them in self-exploration to really understand and master the basic mathematical knowledge and skills, mathematical thinking and methods.The current stage of basic education for primary school mathematics classroom activities, some of the problems that exist in teaching, and with the current requirements of the new curriculum reform, carried out activities in teaching elementary school mathematics research and practice.Respectively from the first part of the topics and research background and the purpose and significance of several aspects of the implementation of activities in primary school discussed the necessity and possibility of teachinThe second part described "math activities", "active teaching", "mathematics activities" means the basis, through teaching mathematics activities at home and abroad to carry out case studies to guide the activities of teaching theory, teaching mathematics in primary schools , the implementation of the activities analyzed the effectiveness of teaching. The third part of the line through in-depth to the classroom, the collection of teaching cases, from the understanding of the concept of mathematical activity, mathematical activities in the design and implementation of the activities of the three has been found is teaching elementary school mathematics problem. The fourth part of the school mathematics activities and effective design principles, implementation of standards for school mathematics teaching and the types of activities. Activities for teaching math teaching service, the activities designed from the teaching of each lesson content, teaching objectives, and from knowledge of students from and living background, purpose of mathematical activities to follow, adaptability, intellectual and interesting diversity to design. The design activity is not possible, so in the implementation process, to follow the timely, appropriate and moderation, subjectivity, summed up the guiding principles and evaluation principles. Part V through two detailed case analysis of how the primary classroom teaching how to conduct effective activities.Through analysis of research, I believe that the introduction of the primary mathematics classroom activity approach, through effective design and implementation, can be well mobilized the students interest in learning, students experience in the activities of, the activities of perception, can promote effective mathematics learning, to the development of mathematical thinking better.
Keywords/Search Tags:Primary school, mathematics activities, mathematics active education, effective design, implementation
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