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The Impact Of Supply Chain Uncertainties On The Cooperation Between Research

Posted on:2008-06-13Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2209360212485505Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the development of technology, economic globalization and information network, the research on Supply Chain Management has gained more and more attention in both theory field and practice field. The essential of SCM is the cooperation between the members of supply chain. Therefore, the cooperation relationship between the members will be the key to success of supply chain strategy. However, as the Supply Chain comprises a lot of unattached components with plenty of uncertainty factors, and the environment becomes more and more complicated, so does the SCM. The uncertainty factors in SCM show even more serious and severe also. The influence of the uncertainty factors in SCM on the cooperation between partnerships is studied, and the research makes great practical sense in the business management field.This paper describes the basic concepts and theories of Supply Chain Management. Summing up the previous work systematically, this paper uses the combination of both qualitative and quantitative analysis method. A large number of data are collected through questionnaires, then used by the SPSS statistical analysis. The influence of uncertainty in the supply chain on the Supply Chain Partnership is studied in depth.This research analyzes the uncertainty in SCM from5 dimensions: structure factor, honesty factor, information factor, individual factor and environment factor. The Supply Chain Partnership is expressed by "The advance of Supply Chain competitive ability", "The progress of innovative ability and flexibility", "Positivity of partnerships", "Harmony of partnerships" and "satisfaction of partnerships". Then the theoretic model is established to discuss the influence on each other. And got the following important conclusions:According to the model, the influence of 5 uncertainties in SCM on the 5 facets of the Supply Chain Partnership is different from each other, and the structure factor is of particular importance. The style of Core Enterprise of the Supply Chain shows significant influence on uncertainty in SCM and the Supply Chain Partnership. Sino-foreign joint venture enterprises and state-owned enterprises show significantly better than private enterprises about uncertainty in the supply chain. Sino-foreign joint ventures perform better than private enterprises about the Supply Chain Partnership also. The scale of Core Enterprise of the Supply Chain shows significant influence to uncertainty in SCM and the Supply Chain Partnership. The greater ofscale, the lower of uncertainty in the Supply Chain. The greater of scale,, and the better about the Supply Chain Partnership. Turnovers of 50 billion and 30 million yuan in business volume are 2 boundaries where there are significant difference between their two sides.In this paper, the results make great sense for study in-depth and practice of Supply Chain Management.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Uncertainty in SCM, Supply Chain Partnership
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