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Research On The Sustainable Development Of Post-disaster Reconstruction

Posted on:2012-08-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W L WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2216330338968099Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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In recent years, with the occurrences of earthquakes, floods, storms and other natural disasters, people increasingly recognize that the harmony between human and nature is significant, and pay more attention to the post-disaster reconstruction. Especially after "5.12" Wenchuan earthquake in 2008, academic circles to the poster-disaster reconstruction raised a new study upsurge.Dujiangyan city has the unique natural conditions, which owned hydraulic engineering created by Li Bing and his son before 2,300 years ago, and owned Er wang ancient temples and Taoism cultural relics of Qingcheng Mountain. All these were determined by the United Nations in 2000 for the world cultural heritage. So it is an ideal tourist city. However, Dujiangyan city was severely damaged in "5.12" wenchuan earthquake, on the ruins to build a city within a short time, it's by no means easy. In fact, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee, in national people's support, Shanghai people's best rebuilding, and Dujiangyan people's full cooperation, Dujiangyan city, in just three years, completed leapfrog reconstruction, and created a miracle of post-disaster reconstruction. Reconstruction is not the traditional habit of the city simply to a copy, the overall plan from the beginning to the whole process of reconstruction, must fully reflect the scientific reconstruction, high-quality reconstruction. How the latest scientific and technological achievements of contemporary apply to post-disaster reconstruction, make the disaster's social and economic development along the path of sustainable to walk, has become an important subject urgently to study.Based on previous studies, and by the post-disaster reconstruction work in Dujiangyan as research object, Marxist philosophy, sociology, natural dialectics, economics theory as guidance, the way of combining theory with practice, and at the same time, through to research and expounds the theory meaning and practice method of sustainable development theory of post-disaster reconstruction, this paper, respectively from the post-disaster reconstruction and environmental resource sustainable development, the post-disaster reconstruction and ecological civilization of sustainable development, the post-disaster reconstruction and the sustainable development of urban and rural areas, the post-disaster reconstruction and the sustainable development of industries, illustrates that the sustainable development in the post-disaster reconstruction is necessary and plays great and irreplaceable role in economic and social life of disaster recovery and development, and explores effective strategies for sustainable development in the future to Dujiangyan city. It is aimed to provide certain scientific basis and thoughts for the sustainable development of social economy in Dujiangyan city.This paper enumerates the great achievement to rebuild Dujiangyan city with the sustainable development in nearly three years, and on the basis of summarizing the experience, finds the problem faced during post-disaster reconstruction of sustainable development of Dujiangyan. Meanwhile, through using the experience of Japan reconstruction after kobe earthquake in Dujiangyan, the paper put forward Sustainable Development Strategy and related measures of post-disaster reconstruction of Dujiangyan city. That is, under the precondition of thoroughly understanding the natural ecology, resources and characteristics of economic and social development, to plan the sustainable development of urban long-term plan.The most fundamental meaning is to clear the social development direction of Dujiangyan, accelerate the realization speed to the agricultural modernization, to the new type industrialization and new urbanization development. This paper, using the scientific development concept and principles of sustainable development, analyzed the ideas of sustainable development, and from the perspective of Marxist philosophy, discussed a more comprehensive reconstruction mode of Dujiangyan city.
Keywords/Search Tags:Post-disaster reconstruction, Sustainable development, Dujiangyan city of Sichuan Provence, Implement countermeasure
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