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Autonomy Return:Village Management Among Post-disaster Reconstruction

Posted on:2016-06-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C X LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2296330464473585Subject:Agricultural extension
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Standing in the role of villagers, this paper explores "a quiet revolution" of the village management caused by a natural disaster. This paper states an ordinary village called Zhang Jiahe, with the houses been washed away by heavy rain, in which the villagers’ autonomy has been silent as a backwater for many years. This process shows how they united, built their new homes and exercised their autonomy so as to make the autonomy return.First, this paper expounds the research origin and significance, research methods and research ideas, then makes a sketch of the village in order to form an overall impression. Meanwhile, this paper briefly describes the heavy rainfall disaster happened in the village, so as to narrate the background of the incident. In the next part of " the dormant autonomy:silent majority", it reviews the case of villages’management before the disaster, the village public affairs were almost deserted, the village autonomy needs reviving. Following on that, this article focuses the description of "autonomy awakening: participation in the village". In this part, it shows how the villagers participated in the post-disaster reconstruction step by step:from taking care of each other in the temporary homes, to the neighbors helping repair caves each other, how they coordinated and overcame the contradiction many times and eventually how they reached an agreement to build new houses. In the end, they completed the construction in the common participation of villagers. Finally, the author writes the climax of the event "autonomy return:further action". In this part, the villagers volunteered to build roads, water pipeline and electricity without charge. They through reasonable channel, made the lowest rural living security to the people who needed it most. The village cadres who made little things for the village were changed by new ones with competent through legal means. They defended their autonomy rights further and made great changes in the village through villagers autonomy. The villager autonomy has been gradually realized.By summarizing the whole developing process of the events, the author thinks that there are several important conditions to realize the village’s autonomy return:one reason is the common interests which are regarded as the foundation of the villagers’ participation; second, public participation is the power source of the autonomous return; the third reason is that the main force leading by government is the catalyst for the village’s autonomy return. Thus by highlighting "common interests" which activates the villagers’ autonomy, leverages public participation in the practice of villager autonomy and builds "endogenous unite external force" to raise the level of villagers’ autonomy, this is to realize face to face as well as heart to heart, which makes the autonomy back to its original intention.
Keywords/Search Tags:autonomy, post-disaster reconstruction, villager, common interests
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