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NGO Participate In Yushu Post-disaster Reconstruction

Posted on:2013-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330392951207Subject:Social work
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Seven forty-nine on April14,2010, Qinghai province Yushu,Yushu Countyoccurred in M7.1earthquake. Yushu earthquake to hit the people caused heavy lossesof life and property.Earthquake can cause heavy casualties, but also disrupted thenormal order of society, causing a certain degree of social fracture, caused a lot ofsocial development challenges. In a comprehensive response to the process, inaddition to the Chinese government ordered efficient earthquake relief activities, folkalso appeared the massive donation behavior as well as unprecedented upsurge ofvolunteer service. Many social organizations and individual volunteers into thedisaster area, to participate in disaster relief and reconstruction work, play a positiverole.Yushu minority area is a frequent natural disasters, geographical environmentand climate condition is abominable, education, health and other social undertakingsdevelopment lag, traffic is disadvantageous, information is out-of-the-way, farmingherdsman is impoverished face big, weak economic foundation, the production ofsimple living conditions in underdeveloped regions, but with the diversity of culture,minority population. Qinghai Yushu area population of ethnic minority in theproportion to achieve97%above, where the Tibetan proportion achieves93%, YushuTibetan Autonomous Region has rich cultural heritage, regional features. After thedisaster happened in various types of NGO participated in the Yushu region of therescue and reconstruction work and play a positive role. In Yushu minority areadisaster rescue NGO, spontaneous organization of human, material and financialresources, to support disaster relief work, alleviated on certain level the government,army and local masses pressure relief, in order to rescue lives production safety,security and stability in the daily life of the victims victims emotions play an activerole, to restore as soon as possible the disaster area people’s production and life, madecontribution, also won the local government and masses of the basic recognition. Atpresent, the emergency disaster relief has ended, gradually began to be long-termpost-disaster reconstruction work, various types of NGO at the same time also began to Yushu in the post-disaster reconstruction of society work.NGO due to its advantages involved in the Yushu earthquake relief andreconstruction,and played an important role. But the development of the NGO is alsosubject to some restrictions, the need for government to create a favorableenvironment for the development of non-governmental organizations,non-governmental organizations also need to continue to strengthen self-constructioncan be effective in combating the crisis and to improve the efficiency of crisismanagement. This article from the Multiple control pattern perspective, all-around toparticipate in the Yushu region post-disaster reconstruction of the international NGO,official and official support for NGO and grassroots NGO investigation and caseanalysis, explore the non government organization in the Yushu area in thepost-disaster reconstruction roles and deficiencies, and finally for the governmentdecision-making service.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-governmental organizations, Post-disaster reconstruction, Multiplecontrol, Cooperation mechanism
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