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Government Functions To Deepen The Change Of The Three Trend And Countermeasures Research

Posted on:2007-01-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360182493217Subject:Political Theory
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Chinese progressive refrom has attained conspicuous achievements, which is associated with governmental eye-catching affects. Generally speaking, economy decides politics, which is a reaction on economy. On the one hand, governmental function and institution have legitimacy and stability with only its adapting for the requires of restructuring the economy, on the other hand, only rational and simplified institution, and effective and optimized function can advance economic structural reform smoothly. After PRC was found, especially reform and opening-up, in order to adapt for the changes of conditions and the needs of society, governmental institution and function have been reformed and modified for several times, but their reform still haven't come out of abnormal circle,featured "simplification-inflication-resimplification- reinflication", without systematical cognition and rational planning of governmental function. All these provoked an amount of negative social problems, and from a long-term point of view, became a "bottle neck" of restricting the development of market economy deeply. Entering new millennium, economic structural reform in our country goes into new critical period, called "deep water period", which requires government transferring function practically, steering well, and enhancing the affects of market, society, law and democracy. Only in this way can Socialist China tide over "deep water period" smoothly. Though not having predecessors and direct lessons, New Public Administration campaign, tides of governmental reform, having spread globally since 80es in the 20th century, which provides a significant model for functional changes and the probing of heterogeneous and homogeneous governmental function under state institutions. The direction of the reform of governmental function was fixed in economic modification, market supervision, social management and public service at the 16th plenary session of CCP, so is NPA in the same way. Above all, realizing market-,society-and service-oriented is the direction of the reform of governmental function in new era.This paper, based on collection and analysis of sufficient stuffs, adopts comprehensively historical and comparative analyses, logical inference etc, and also integrates theories with practices. Through drawing lessons from NPA, analyzing the state quo of governmental function in our country and supplying strategic suggestions about removing defects, it attempts to demonstrate the futuristic direction of the reform of governmental function featured market-, society-and service-oriented, and gives some suggestions to the reform of governmental function in our country.
Keywords/Search Tags:governmental function, new public administration, market-oriented, society-oriented, service-oriented
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