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The Problems And Countermeasures Of Service-oriented Government Construction In China Local Government

Posted on:2013-06-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374989714Subject:Administrative Management
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The bureaucratic system of western countries, shocked by mercerization and globalization, become unsuited to the time in the end of the last century. Some countries have carried out the reform of the bureaucracy. Along with this reform process, the western countries boned of the new public management theory and the new public service theory. These theories proposed the ideas, beyond the bureaucracy and reshape the relationship between government and citizens, emphasizing the citizens will rather than the government will plays a dominant role in public administration. These theories provide a new direction for governments to innovate management model.China has experienced several large-scale administrative reforms since1949, but the results are unsatisfactory, the size of government is still large and the efficiency is not high. In the context of building socialist market economy, our government has put forward the transformation of government functions, a real change in the functions of the government macro-control, social supervision, social management and public service. In new period of economic and social development, China government will pay more attention to the public service, emphasizing the establishment of a citizen-centered public management model. Chinese scholar first proposed the concept of service-oriented government. In2004, Premier Wen Jiabao first proposed to build a service-oriented government as the goal of China administrative reform. From then on, the governments at all levels carried out a variety of practices in building service-oriented government, and achieved certain results, but the construction of service-oriented government in China is still in lower level stage from the measures taken by local governments. They did not transform ate the relationship between government and citizens fundamentally, so it lost the essence of the service-oriented government.This paper use standard research methods to probe the problems of governments in building service-oriented government, and I put forward views and measures to improve the construction of service-oriented government in China finally. The paper thinks it needs the change of ideas in building service-oriented government, and also needs strong protection from the system. The construction of service-oriented government is a systematic project, and it needs the joint efforts of the whole society.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented Government, New Public Service, People-oriented
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