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Study And Practice Of Effective Teaching Strategy In Physic Of Higher Vocational Technical College

Posted on:2012-01-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2217330371458758Subject:Subject teaching
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In higher vocational physics teaching, many teachers still used traditional teaching methods, making physics teaching appears inefficient, invalid phenomenon. In order to improve this phenomenon, this paper utilizes the theory and the research results of the effective teaching, proposes the basic literacy and skills of effective teachers, explores that how do teachers design teaching, and use effective teaching strategies, optimizing organization and implementing teaching to achieve the established objectives.Firstly, the research present situation on the domestic and foreign effective teaching has been carried on a brief overview, describes concept and standards of the "effective teaching". And on these basis, the higher vocational physics effective teaching is defined, analyze the significance of implementing physics curriculum effective teaching in higher vocational. Meanwhile, based on effective teaching strategies, review the current status of higher physics teaching, discuss the main existence problem of physics teaching, and further explore the reason of the problem that exists in the teaching content, teachers and students.Aim at characteristics, employment and development needs of higher vocational students, proposed the basic principles which achieving the higher physics effective teaching should follow. According to these principles, combined with higher vocational education principles and the actual situation and professional characteristics of higher vocational students, propose effective teaching strategies, such as collective lesson planning strategies, study the teaching objects--individualized strategies, teaching content selection strategies, instructional design strategies, teaching methods selection strategies, classroom management strategies, teaching evaluation strategies and teachers development strategies based on reconsideration, etc. These strategies have a strong operational, and applied in the higher vocational physic teaching practice to carry on the experimental verification, and has achieved sound effects.
Keywords/Search Tags:higher vocational physic, effective teaching, higher vocational feature, effective teacher, effective teaching strategy
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