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Effective Teaching And Its Implementation In Higher Vocational Computer Teaching

Posted on:2016-05-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the acceleration of the development of modern vocational education it has become a national strategy, vocational colleges teaching quality assurance and promotion has become a real problem. Effective teaching provides a possible way to solve this problem, it can be analyzed and explained with the teaching of higher vocational computer courses. Effective teaching mainly refers to teachers to follow the teaching principles, under the circumstance of limited investment of time, energy and material resources limited circumstances, to lead to a more remarkable effect of teaching, and to better achieve teaching objectives. Since the teaching objective is mainly reflected by the students, what the core of effective teaching is concerned that whether students have made substantial gains and progress or not. Effective teaching is currently pursued by a number of important classroom teachers.There exists many practical problems in the teaching of vocational computer courses. On one hand studentís individual psychology and academic achievements are relatively special, on the other hand, according to the authorís experience judgment, teaching behavior, teaching content, teaching conditions, teaching teams, etc. are to be improved and enhanced. From the current situation, vocational computer teaching reform based on the effective teaching requires around four teaching objectives, teaching process, teaching methods, teaching effects unfold, which is a framework for reform. Higher computer courses entering to effective teaching process, the great need should be explored in the effective strategies, such as preparing strategies, involving the understanding of students, the development of teaching content and design of the teaching process; implementation strategies related to the development of the main teaching behaviors, auxiliary teaching behaviors and classroom management behaviors; the evaluation strategy involving in the transformation of evaluation concept and cultivation of evaluation culture, the emphasis of process evaluation and the reliability of summative evaluation. Wuhan Police Vocational College has the same summary in the course of reform in teaching computer courses, it also shows that effective teaching in specific courses teaching, turns to the diversity in the ways and means.Teaching Effective teaching as a teaching practice and teaching practical activities under the guidance of teaching philosophy has important inspiration and reference for the current teaching reform of higher vocational computer courses. Meanwhile, the effective teaching and its realization is also a meaningful teaching issues, which need to be more theoretical explanation and practice.
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