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Case Study On Effective Teaching Of Higher Mathematics In Higher Vocational Colleges

Posted on:2017-04-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the development of education, higher vocational education has occupied around half of China’s higher education. As an important public basic course for science and engineering majors in Higher Vocational Colleges, higher mathematics provides an essential intellectual tool for students in the learning of following professional courses, and plays an important role in the training of students’ comprehensive quality and ability. Education quality of higher mathematics directly affects the cultivation of talents in higher vocational colleges. Therefore, effectively improve the education of higher mathematics, apply mathematics knowledge in the learning of professional courses, and cultivate application type talents with the feature of "combination of understanding and application, mainly to application" has become an important task for current higher vocational education. The effective teaching of higher mathematics has been paid more and more attention by the school and teachers.This study takes Yunnan Vocational Institute of Energy Technology as an example, using literature analysis, questionnaire investigation and interview, case study method, analyzes and studies the current education situation, problems existing in the teaching of higher mathematics course, and seriously inefficient or invalid phenomenon in traditional classroom. This study aims to improve the current situation; innovate teaching mode; improve the classroom effectiveness; and realize the talents training target of higher vocational education, which is cultivating the highly skilled application-oriented professionals. According to Constructivism in Freudenthal’s mathematics theory, Rogers, recently development area theory, effective teaching theory, the effective classroom teaching plan is designed from three aspects: constructing the knowledge content system, compiling the school-based teaching material; establishing the effective classroom teaching program management; and adopting the effective classroom teaching strategy. Four effective classroom teaching implementation strategies are involved: contacting with real life and creating teaching situation; improving the effectiveness of classroom teaching through meaningful learning; making the students play the crucial role in class and promoting the students’ communication and cooperation between each other; solving problems in daily life by mathematical method to reflect the application value of mathematics. An effective teaching evaluation is established from the three aspects: pre-class, in class and after class, to promote the implementation of effective teaching. And combining with the actual situation, the teaching practice has been carried out for a period of four months.Studies show that the implementation of effective classroom education of higher mathematics contributes to the improvement of higher mathematics course teaching in higher vocational colleges and the improvement of the professional quality of teachers. It is also helpful in making the students’ learning objectives more clearly. The learning initiative and enthusiasm of the students are greatly strengthened, and they have made better performance on participating in the classroom. The teaching effectiveness of higher mathematics has been greatly improved.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher vocational education, Advanced mathematics, Effective teaching, Teaching evaluation, Teaching case
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