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Water Resources Optimal Allocation And Dispatch Based On Multi-Agent Theory

Posted on:2013-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2232330392958023Subject:Systems analysis and integration
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With the development of social economic, the water pollution has become more andmore serious and universal, Which have seriously affected people’s living environmentand the quality of life, however this is not conducive to the sustainable development ofsociety. Thus the optimal allocation of water resources and water resources sustainableutilization is the most fundamental objectives and tasks to solve the problems. Be set inthe national major project, that’s "Big East Lake Ecological Water Channel ConstructionEngineering", the research concentrate on optimal allocation of water resources. The maincontent of this article are as follows:(1) After the optimal allocation of water resources research at home and abroad having bereviewed, this paper points out the shortcomings existing in present study.(2) From the angle of the economy, ecology, environment comprehensive, the paper putforward the plan of regional water resources optimization allocation.Furthermore,Multi-objective Configuration Model based on the ecological and maximizing economicbenefits is given.(3) The method of solving multi-target model applying Particle Swarm Algorithm isstudied, which is adopted in the model of this paper, then further analysis has been doneon the basis of solving the optimal allocation.(4) A model based on Multi-Agent theory of multi-lake connection water optimalallocation and scheduling is put forward, the model of the process and the logic of themodule design has been discussed in detail, besides specifications are finally offered.(5) On the basis of theoretical analysis, the system of optimal allocation of water resourcesand dispatching simulation is built, the system design is fully explained, and targeted atlakes in Wuhan city, relevant data is simulated, finally the configuration and schedulingresults is calculated.
Keywords/Search Tags:PSO, Multi-Agent, Water Resources, Optimal Allocation, Dispatch
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