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Film And Television Resources In The Use Of Teaching Chinese As A Foreign Language

Posted on:2014-02-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2235330395494980Subject:Chinese international education
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Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language disciplines designed to train studentsChinese interpersonal skills and communication skills, require students to be able tothe Chinese knowledge into language skills. However, the teaching of Chinese as aForeign Language is still subject to the influence of China’s traditional mode ofteaching, many teachers teaching methods are still stuck in to explain, a textbook, apiece of chalk, a blackboard, a few pictures, this form of monotonous teachingmethods, not only so that students feel boring, more difficult to stimulate enthusiasmfor learning Chinese, and affect the TCFL the effect. And television resources used inteaching Chinese as a second language can not only mediate classroom atmosphere tostimulate students’ enthusiasm for learning, but also intuitive and flexible videoresources, help students to imitate and learning of the Chinese Language, to helpteachers better teaching content, to improve students’ Chinese proficiency.This article from the reality of the Chinese as a foreign language teaching, howvideo resources TCFL application of research to the election of the film and televisionresources, import as the starting point of video resources on the teaching of theChinese language knowledge, the teaching of Chinese language skills, and videoresources in teaching Chinese as a foreign language should comply with the principlesand issues that need attention, and put forward some of their own insights. In order tobetter work with the practice of teaching Chinese as a foreign language, this paperalso "tongue" as a film and television material, introduces how to introduce the filmand television resources to the Chinese as a foreign language teaching courses, how touse video material Chinese listening, say reading, writing, and cultural aspects ofteaching.
Keywords/Search Tags:Chinese as a foreign language, video resources, teaching, application
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