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Small Village Group To Rural Society Integration

Posted on:2013-06-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The1950s rural the movement to establish people’s communes although has disappeared for more than30years. But it gives China’s rural social influence is still running.1978years ago People’s communes not only control the rural administrative power and financial power And still got from the production plan to production management and results of the distribution of economic power. Depends on the means of the organization system although not suitable for management rural economy But to the rural society to be highly integration.Started in1962People’s communes from production brigade changed to "level3all, team as the foundation", the collective management and cultivated land into production unit of work, rural natural village become natural community of interests has been strengthened. After the collapse of the people’s commune, that to people’s communes super political control by the formation of the rural all-around social order no longer exists. In the village of villagers’autonomy, the administrative authority weakened also miss the management of rural residents’ economic control measures, especially in the collective economic power weak rural western area, village organization seriously weakened, quite a number of villages in the loose organization, the paralysis, weakening the collective consciousness, and the rural frequent conflicts of interest. The people’s commune period of the production team evolved the villagers groups geopolitical sex, blood sex is the natural villages of the formation of the south-eastern a natural community of interests. After the collapse of the people’s commune, people’s production and life back to the nature of the village, the villagers group community cohesion is improved, and thus become a countryside society the important organization. As the most basic rural society of political unit villagers groups, in the background of the villager autonomy still plays a role, especially in the current new countryside construction, the villagers groups in some favorable conditions in a new development constantly hair organization, become the main body of the countryside society. The author by observing the mountain west hunan village the most basic political D villagers groups in countries of the village of poverty relief construction background, the current has already become the basic facts "changes in the country" has a good integration function. This article take the villagers group and the village social integration this pair of subject and object, in describing the villagers groups under the background of poverty in the village construction, how to develop, promote the social change and become the inner body, promote the effective integration of the village society. Through the analysis of the current promote the villagers in the group development the condition of hair, this paper discusses the villagers groups how to become a new countryside society, and then, from D exploring empirical study village a village in the development of hair the reasonable and efficient way.
Keywords/Search Tags:The villagers groups, The new rural construction, Village socialintegration
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