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The Research Of The Reform Of The Household Registration System In The Process Of The Integration Of Urban And Rural Areas

Posted on:2013-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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As the development of our country’s economy and society, the process of the integration of urban and rural areas is being constantly promoted. The traditional dualistic urban and rural household registration system is severely impeding rural free flow in our country. This made the human resources can not optimal allocation and impeded the process of urbanization. Therefore, breaking the urban and rural household system has been an urgent problem that need to be addressed in the coordination development of urban and rural areas. With resolving the migrant works’urban residents, Chongqing began to full start the household registration system reform on August in2010, which was thought to be the largest household registration system reform in China. This thesis took Chongqing’s reform of the household registration system as an example and investigated the household registration system reform in Chongqing through the questionnaire and interview method. And then this thesis analyzed and concluded the current situation of Chongqing’s reform of the household registration system through combining with investigation data. At the same time, the thesis analyzed the problems and effect factors of this reform in Chongqing. In the end, the thesis tried to put forward the proposals of the household registration reform.
Keywords/Search Tags:integration of urban and rural areas, the household registration system, reform, citizens that turned the household registration
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