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Research On China’s Household Registration System Reform And Adjustment Since The Third Plenary Session Of The Eleven

Posted on:2014-03-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2256330401481337Subject:Chinese Communist Party
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Household registration system is a basic national administrative system. The traditionalhousehold registration system is in direct contact with the land, family-oriented populationmanagement. Modern household registration system is the legal system of the State shallcollect, validation, registration birth, death, kinship, legal address, citizens of the basicinformation of the population, in order to protect the rights and interests of citizens inemployment, education, social welfare and so on, individual-based population management.The household registration system in contemporary China has become the shackles ofeconomic and social development, the urgent need for reform. Since the Third PlenarySession of the eleven, along with the market economy continuously put forward newrequirements to the floating population, China’s household registration system has beencarrying on the reform, in order to make the system adapt to the social development. Furtherdiscussion since the reform and opening up, the party and the government on the reform ofthe household registration system adjustment and the problems, has the important theorysignificance and the practical significance.The household registration system, the household registration policy in the country overthe years promulgated as the basis, this paper makes a quantitative analysis of adjustmentproblems over the years of the household registration system, proceed from before and afterthe Third Plenary Session of the eleven to two period, comparison research the role ofhousehold registration system in different periods, and the reform of the householdregistration system to the impact of social are analyzed. The analysis shows: the reform of thehousehold registration system for the development of China’s market economy, theimprovement of urbanization, narrow the income gap and social justice and the integration ofurban and rural areas have a very urgent significance. While the strength and extent of thereform of the household registration system is not enough, still need to continue to deepen thereform.Based on the household registration system in China history and the reform process aresummarized, analysis of the current situation of the reform, and based on the research on thereform of the household registration system present situation, analyzes the existing problemsin the reform of census register system: the factor analysis from the value orientation, legaldifficulties, system integration, unified defect registration and the five aspects of urban andrural is synchronous. Finally, put forward five proposals to reform the household registrationsystem reform: to break the thinking, clear objectives and principles of reform; well-founded,accelerate a sound legal and institutional guarantee; coordination, synchronization system reform and social development; adjust management ideas, increase the service mechanism;advancing with the times, adapt to social and economic.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural, Household registration system, Reformation, Legal difficulties, Systemdefect, The integration of urban and rural areas
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