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Study On The Construction Of New Countryside In Yanan Urban And Rural Areasunder The Marx Doctrine

Posted on:2015-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2296330422973397Subject:Basic principles of Marxism
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With the gradual deepening social division of labor and specialization of humandevelopment, urban and rural discrete pattern forming. The main feature of urbandevelopment concentrated on the production of goods, public administration and socialservice coordination and innovation; main function is to ensure rural development andnational food supply of major agricultural products effectively solve the problem offeeding the population, and become the overall development of society the strong support.Between urban and rural otherwise require collaboration, mutual aid, balanced andsustainable development, however, has emerged from the duality of social architecturetraction, due to synergy between urban and rural areas, less Freemasons, unbalanced,not sustainable development issues. This results in a trajectory as agriculture, rural areasand farmers have long been big countries adhere to "heavy urban, light countryside". Asthe old revolutionary base of Yan’an, urban and rural development and the country isexactly the same division, the extent and characteristics of extremely with the " Yan’ancharacteristics", the rural weak, poor and, plot chaos, stupid plot, the plot has come toaffect not only dirty their sound development of rural areas, and spread to the pointwhere the harmonious development of the city.Marxist classical writers had in-depth research in the integrated urban and ruraldevelopment, put forward many insights. They depart from the laws of socialdevelopment, the development trend of urban-rural relations were analyzed,emphasizing the importance of urban and rural areas; simultaneously analyze trends inurban-rural relations in the process, also concluded a series of solutions to urban andrural issues. Mao Zedong Thought and the theoretical system of socialism with Chinesecharacteristics of urban and rural development ideas gone from abstract to concrete,from the one-sided to the overall development process. Although the theory is not equalto the policy, the policy does not mean practice, practice does not equal results, but the Marxist concept of urban and rural development has been verified in the course ofdevelopment of China’s urban and rural areas in developed coastal regions. Thus in theurban and rural Marxist ideology, from Yan’an basic "ground situation " departure, andvigorously promote the construction of new socialist countryside Yan’an imminent,imperative.Based on the above logic, the main contents of this paper contains six parts:The first part is the introduction. The main argument is based on the reality of thiswriting, theory, policy based analysis of the significance of the topic; while theorists inrecent years to co-ordinate research on new rural construction and rural and theoreticalresearch review; under the principle of complementarity of the layout of the textresearch, research methods and innovations.The second part is the definition of urban and rural areas and new rural constructionconcepts. On the definition of urban and rural basic meaning and new rural construction,analyzes the inherent relationship between urban and rural areas and new ruralconstruction, urban and rural areas is the condition that the new rural construction, urbanand rural construction of new countryside is guaranteed.The third part is the main Marxist ideas about urban and rural areas. Mainlydescribes the ideological discourse of Marxist classical writers on urban and ruraldevelopment, particularly in urban and rural Chinese Marxist thought and practice trackin China.The fourth part is the next horizon Yan’an urban and rural construction of newcountryside analysis of existing problems. Introduces the current socio-economicdevelopment of the overall situation in Yan’an region under analysis in support ofnational and Yan’an, Shaanxi Province, the first to achieve urban and rural developmentpolicies policy background. Yan’an rural development in the production, affluent life,civilization, clean and tidy villages and democratic management, and other aspects thereare still many problems.The fifth part is the incentive under the sight of urban and rural issues Yan’an newrural construction. Yan’an is to analyze the cause of building new countryside incentivesin terms of history, their understanding, capital investment, human resources, andsystems, such as a detailed perspective. The sixth part is the main urban and rural initiatives under Horizon Yanan newrural construction. Is based mainly on urban and rural Marxist ideology, proposed newrural Yan’an how to build a major initiative. That is changing people ’s ideas, provide anideological foundation for the construction of new rural Yan’an; development of modernagriculture, to provide material support to Yan’an new rural construction; prosperousrural culture, provide the motive power for the construction of new rural Yan’an;institutional reforms, the new rural Yan’an construction provides system security;finally mobilize all positive factors available, and comprehensively promote the newrural construction in Yan’an.
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