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Immigrant Society Avoid Disaster Risk Assessment

Posted on:2013-05-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374472049Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the gradual deterioration of the natural environment for human survival, the concept of ecological migration has drawn a lot of attentions. The migration that caused by ecological and environmental problems belongs to the scope of the ecological migrants. This article defines the concept of disaster prevention immigrants as the ecological refugees" relocation behavior due to the natural environment threat to survival. It is also a type of ecological migrants. Disaster prevention affects the vital interests of the people that are located in geological disaster-prone areas. The process of migration is inevitably be affected by the threat from all aspects of risks, so academic research about the migration process are particularly important.This paper aims to study the social risks of disaster prevention immigrant. Firstly, this paper combs and synthesizes the literatures about the ecological immigrant connotation and immigrant social risks, and reviews the related relocation theory. Secondly, based on the related literature review and the theory of immigration, the risks that the disaster prevention immigrants may face have been identified and appropriate risk assessment system has been established. Thirdly, by comparing and analyzing the usual risk assessment methods, suitable disaster prevention immigration social risk evaluation model has been found, i.e. the method that combines the risk matrix method and the hierarchy analysis method. At last, Ping Li Country, in Ankang City, is taken for example, by using this model, the overall level of risks of this migration project has been obtained, according to the evolution results, reasonable policies are recommended.In this paper, the following conclusions can be obtained:firstly, the social risks of disaster prevention immigrant mainly origins from four aspects:immigrants themselves, nature environment, social environment and policy environment, in total of15risks. Second, by using empirical analysis, the mainly social risks that the disaster prevention immigrant faces are high immigrants living costs and relocation policy publicity and insufficient public involvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:disaster prevention immigrants, risk assessment, risk matrix method, hierarchy analysis method
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