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The Subjectivity Of Object Of Ideological And Political Education Research

Posted on:2013-11-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330374977470Subject:Ideological and political education
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Educators and educational objects in the ideological and politicaleducation are subjective men. However, in the traditional ideologicaland political education, more emphasis is focused on the subjectivity ofeducators, and less the educational object. In the modern society, witha general increase in human subjectivity, the subjectivity of theeducational object is drawing more and more attention. Therefore, thestudy and exertion of educational objects has been an inevitablerequirement of the modern ideological and political education.Thepaper is divided into four parts: the introductory part discusses thebackground, the purpose, the significance, and research theories andmethods of this paper. The first chapter analyzes the connation of theeducational object. This paper argues that the subjectivity of theeducational object mainly refers to the fundamental attributes of theeducational objects as the main part of ideological and politicaleducation. It is the object of education which consciously agrees withthe educational goal. It is also the autonomy, initiative and creativitywhich initiatively accept the educational requirements, makeindependent judgments and choices, independently regulate thebehavior, improve its own character, enrich and develop the socialethics in the course of practice. The second chapter analyzes andcompares how to properly grasp the subjectivity of the educationalobject. It mainly discusses the difference between the subjectivity andthe object of education as well as the concrete manifestation of thesubjectivity of the educational object. The third chapter discusses howto realize the educational object. It includes the increase of theunderstanding of the educational object and the change of the way torealizing ideological and political education. Besides, giving full play tothe leading role of the educational object and promoting the improvement of the quality of the educational object are alsoincluded.
Keywords/Search Tags:Ideological and political education, the educationalobject, the subjectivity
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