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The Study Of The Administrative Resources Of The Communist Party Of China

Posted on:2013-04-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2246330395972386Subject:Political Theory
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This article is based on the new period to strengthen the construction of ruling resourcesof Communist Party of China political reality, how to strengthen the construction of rulingresources of Communist Party of China the problem as the research object, aims to achievethe following goals: first, through to the ruling resources connotation, extension,characteristics of the study and definition, sought for some things in common, summed up onthe Chinese Communist Party ’s ruling resources characteristics; second, sum up and drawlessons from foreign ruling party on the ruling resource construction experience lesson,summary analysis our country each period the ruling resource construction, analysis ofChina’s ruling resources existing problems as well as to these problems the reason of deepadministrative levels, analysis and strengthening of the Chinese Communist Party’s rulingresources construction necessity and significance; third, the theories and practice of ChineseCommunist Party’s ruling resource construction of systematic analysis, the ChineseCommunist Party’s governing legitimacy of Chinese Communist Party is the ruling systemsupport base, seeking about strengthening of the Chinese Communist Party’s ruling resourcesconstruction the concrete methods and effective path. The key of this paper is to find out thenew period Communist Party of China resources existing problems and the causes of theproblems, and according to these problems, sum up experience lesson, exploration ofstrengthening the party’s ruling resources is the effective way. This study is difficult, China’sruling resources than by the theory proposed, but by the documents of the party put forward,therefore lacked a strong theoretical basis and practical results.
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