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On The Construction And Function Realization Of Township Public Service-oriented Government

Posted on:2014-01-30Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:R GuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330398451157Subject:Marxism in China
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Over thirty years since the reform and open policy, our countryfarmers’ living standard and the earth-shaking changes in ruralsociety, from poverty to adequate food and clothing to now to thegrand goal of well-off society, reveals the huge development ofcountryside. Township government administrative system of ourcountry is in the very bottom of the pyramid, is the most grass-rootsadministrative agencies, the party and the state of the finalimplementation of various measures are performed by the townshipgovernment to promote and, arguably, the villages and townsgovernment in huge development in the countryside in recent yearshas made a significant contribution.Through the analysis of the theoretical basis of villages andtowns public service-oriented government construction, idealtownship service-oriented government functions, analyzes thecurrent status of township government performs the functions of thegovernment and the existing problems, mainly including: is thepowerful guarantee of the new rural construction of villages andtowns government; The democratic rule of law has a fundamental change of villages and towns government; Greatly enhance the levelof farmers’ education of villages and towns government; Townshipgovernment to achieve real "service for the people"; Individual cadrework style in the lack of public servant consciousness; Townshipgovernment management system and administrative system alsoneeds improvement, etc. Finally, the article mentions some problemsof rural public service oriented government construction and functionimplementation of the strategy: improve the quality of civil servants,improve service concept; Straighten out management system, cleartheir duties; Establish a mechanism for interaction between theservice demand of the peasants expression; Increase the intensity ofgovernment; Creative diversity of public service supply system; Theachievement evaluation mechanism in the public service orientation;To further improve the basic rural security system, etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:the township government, service government, serving the people theory, leadership is service
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