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The Study Of Educational Quality Security System For Postgraduate In Minority Areas

Posted on:2011-11-10Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330338488909Subject:Educational Economy and Management
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Postgraduate education is the highest level of higher education. It trains and provides high-level innovative talents for the country .It plays an important role in the economic construction and social development. China is a multi-ethnic country, thus postgraduate education is an important part of ethnic areas of graduate education. It has both the characteristics of postgraduate education, and also due to factors of historical, political, economic and natural environment. Postgraduate Education in Ethnic Areas shoulder inheritance and dissemination of traditional culture, culture and prosperity of minority senior personnel of the important tasks of the national economy .With the popularization of higher education gradually, postgraduate education as the elite have access to large-scale development .Ethnic areas of postgraduate education is facing many challenges. The Problem in education is increasingly apparent. Quality is the life of postgraduate education and also the fundamental guarantee for sustainable development. How to protect and improve the quality of postgraduate education and establishment of a scientific quality assurance system has become an important issue of post- postgraduate education.This study pick a representative of the engineering colleges from regions with distinctive ethnic characteristics of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region-Inner Mongolia University do the empirical study .Deeply analysis and summary the quality problems of postgraduate education. And build a quality security system for the school postgraduate education. Hope to achieve not only help the school improve the quality of postgraduate education, but also play a promoting role to improve the quality of postgraduate student education in similar ethnic areas high schools.In this paper, main content is divided into five parts: the first part is introduction. This part is mainly summarized from background, significance, status, ideas and features to explicit the context of the study. The second part is the theory review of educational quality assurance for postgraduate. By studying literature, the meaning of educational quality assurance for postgraduate is described and the suitable model of educational quality assurance system is depicted, too. The third part is the educational quality status for postgraduate in Inner Mongolia University of Technology. The questionnaire of educational quality for postgraduate is drawn up based on relevant domestic and international literature combining the mature questionnaires. Then, making Inner Mongolia University of Technology as the research object, the collected data is analyzed by SPSS16.0 to get the existing problems of educational quality for postgraduate. The fourth part is constructing educational quality security system for postgraduate. According to the educational quality status, existing problems, factors and principals of educational quality security system to construct educational quality security system, that is input security, process security and output security. The fifth part is conclusion. This chapter summarizes the main results, including main problems of postgraduate education in Inner Mongolia University of Technology and the educational quality security system’s factors and principles. Meanwhile, postgraduate educational quality security system is established and shortcomings and relevant suggestions are proposed to this study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Minority Areas, Engineering University, Postgraduate Education, Quality Security System
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