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The Construction Study On The System Of Master Curriculum Quality Assurance System In Local Colleges And Universities

Posted on:2009-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360245959389Subject:Higher Education
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Twenty-first century is a time when it pays much attention to quality. With the development of science and technology of society, it is urgent for society to need high-level talents and develop higher education. In our country post-graduate education has developed comparatively quickly over the past few years, while after large-scale increased enrollment, the graduate education quality actually appeared slides to the tendency. How to improve the educational quality of post-graduates has become the hot topic, which is also a problem that education department needs to solve. The curriculum is the central in the entire education system, which is the basic way to realize the education goal. It is an important factor to restrict the development of graduate education. The study on the system of curriculum quality safeguard system in local colleges and universities not only has a practical significance, but is challenging .On the basis of the problem mentioned above, the thesis has chosen some local universities and colleges where problems exist at present, and has carried out sufficient survey on it. The author knows current situation ensuring system of local universities and colleges, and tries to construct a relatively all-round, scientific, pluralistic post-graduate curriculum quality ensure system in order to promote colleges and universities to carry out effective guidance, monitoring and appraising for curriculum quality of graduates. Furthermore, it can provide a scientific, forceful curriculum guarantee system.Under the macroscopic view of the development of education and society, the research has reached the construction local colleges and universities Master degree candidate ensures five of system, face. In theory, curriculum development theory, quality control theory and the trend of life-long education, sustainable development and so on have provided the basis and good lessons. In practice, the features of knowledge-based economy, the popularity of higher education, graduate expansion and the job market imbalance between supply and demand are the external factors. Discipline and post-graduates are the internal practical factor in colleges and universities. According to these logics, it has debuted five basic orientation for graduate curriculum quality ensuring of system of local colleges and universities, taking the type being innovative to being that special field unites with coherent knowledge nature , theory and the applicability, unity and a proper coordination, process and the finality , innovation and persistence win-win.On the basis of deep investigation and large amount of questionnaire, the thesis has taken nine local universities and colleges of Guangxi Province as the partner and the data has been arranged, analyzed and summarized up five quality problems existing in curriculum of local universities and colleges. That is to say, the curriculum target is short of suitable; curriculum content is obsolete, discipline lacks forward position content and actual applicability; curriculum structure is lacking in science and even for loss more; form of curriculum is mainly for teaching, not useful for cultivating the ability; Curriculum administration insufficient science of system and norm, benign mechanism hasn't been formed yet.Based on clarifying the orientation of graduate curriculum quality assurance system, this thesis pays much attention to discuss the construction on the system of curriculum quality assurance system in local colleges and universities. According to the different stages of the Curriculum system process, the thesis try to construct the system by input, process and output stages to guarantee curriculum quality. In the stage of curriculum's entering, it mainly builds up a fine platform for the quality exploitation inside curriculum system through establishing the diversification curriculum target concretely, putting up the perfect curriculum structure and developing the system. The stage that curriculum is put into practice is mainly for being put into effect under control, and it can be realized by making use of curriculum teaching resources, taking the lead in individual curriculum choice, paying close attention to content of forward position and practicality, adopting diversify teaching form and formulating essential rules and regulations. The stage out-put local colleges and universities need to persist in the diversity of the content and the ways for evaluation, the whole time and the function development of evaluation. Meanwhile it is necessary to establish more entire , true , active evaluation mechanism to promote curriculum quality. Generally speaking , through inputting , the implementation in the curriculum, and outputting three stages the entire curricula to make sure the assurance system of curriculum quality can we realize the curriculum system's benign revolution and the quality enhancement, and promote the graduates'quality.
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