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The Research On Integration Of History And Geograghy In Senior High School History Teaching

Posted on:2013-02-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The integration of history and geography in history courses refers to:history, as the main aspect, is combined with geography to established the organic connection of them and improve the effect of history courses. It is the essence request of the history teaching, the indispensable steps to complete the task of history teaching. What’s more important, it promotes the students’mental development. My paper will discuss the integration of history and geography. It consists of five chapters.Chapter1:Introduction.Chapter2:Introduce the significance of the research.Chapter3:The content of the integration of history and geography, which is the creative point of this paper. We collect basic geographic knowledge of the integration which a senior high school liberal arts should have make qualitative analysis of the master degree of them. Then, we elaborate the recognition and understanding of the history which the students maybe aquire when we integrate history and geography in history courses. They include:climate change, Yellow River diversion, the economic center moved eastward and southward, the relationship between military and geography, the formation of modern society important technical innovations which is called industrial revolution, sustainable development concept. They induce the students’ all-around thinking about the past, now and futer of history and geography, perfect their understanding of history, promote their knowledge of inter-disciplinary migration and improve their comprehensive ability.Chapter4:Introduce the basic methods and the three principles of the integration of history and geography.Chapter5:Conclusion...
Keywords/Search Tags:intergration of history and geography, history recognition, geographical foundations, comprehensive thinking ability
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