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Research On Specialty Setup In Independent Colleges Of Shanxi

Posted on:2013-09-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330374456212Subject:Higher Education
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Specialty setup is not only an important part of higher education study, but also an important factor which impacts the quality of higher education in talent training. Independent Colleges are the task force carrying Shanxi popularization of higher education. Specialty setup is directly related to the quality and future development in Independent Colleges of shanxi. This article aims at the specialty setup of the Independent Colleges of Shanxi. Through the use of certain educational research methods, combined with literature data, the article shows the current situation of specialty setup in Independent Colleges of Shanxi and analyzes the problems and reasons. Finally, the article puts forward the optimize countermeasures of specialty setup in Independent Colleges.Firstly, this article reviews the basic theory of specialty setup, including the history of the development of specialty setup, which is divided into trying to adjust, reforming, maturing and mature development; Principles of specialty setup is feasibility, sustainability and systemprinciple; And content of the specialty setup. Recalling further that in the course of development of the Independent Colleges in China:Independent Colleges replace secondary college. Review of Shanxi Province, eight Independent Colleges foundation and the development. Independent Colleges in the process of running more than10years of specialty setup status:specialty continued to increase and expanding, specialty structure has become more perfect, and constantly adjust the specialty setup.Secondly, the eight Independent Colleges of Shanxi have such obvious problems as enrollment scale unbalanced, similar specialty setup and structure is irrational. The main reason lies in lack of forecasting and research of talent demand, failure to establish the sound independent teaching management system and operational mechanism, and little attention to professional construction.Last, to optimize the specialty setup in Independent Colleges, we should follow the guiding ideology, make better forecasting and market research for talent demand, enhance professional teaching staff and equipment, emphasize the specialty construction. Forecast talent needs to be considered a studies Foundation, the market demand, the employment situation and the industrial structure; Enhance professional teachers with is to strengthen policy support, to create a professional teaching staff, emphasis on laboratory and base construction, set a reasonable professional courses; Emphasize the construction is that make the specialty development plan basised on the clear positioning of college, construction of reasonable professional framework.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shanxi province, Independent Colleges, Specialty Setup, Problem, Optimizing countermeasures
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