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Research On Specialty Construction Of Independent College Of Jiangsu Province In Perspective Of Specialty Evaluation

Posted on:2015-01-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330428498272Subject:Curriculum and pedagogy
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In the context of popularization of higher education, Independent College has beendeveloping rapidly, and have begun to take shape In the number and size of the college.Independent College of Jiangsu Province started earlier and developed rapidly, becomingan important part of the development of Independent College of China. It is also the flag ofhigher education reform in Jiangsu Province. Independent College of Jiangsu Provinceexpands high-quality educational resources, meets people’s demand for access to qualityhigher education. And it Cultivates a lot of application-oriented talents for social need.Independent College make significant contributions to economic and social developmentand the development of higher education of Jiangsu Province.Specialty construction is the most important basic construction of teaching,it is thefundamental work to improve teaching quality, academic and scientific standard,relates toschool running level and school-running characteristics. Independent College always takesthe specialty construction as the school’s life line, and take the quality and contentdevelopment path.The article analysis the data deeply of the specialty construction sampling inspectionreport of2011,and find out the problems about specialty construction of independentcollege of Jiangsu Province. They are setting specialty blindly, unreasonable faculty,inadequate investment professional basis, unreasonable teaching management and poorteaching effectiveness.On the basis of status and problems of specialty construction ofIndependent College of Jiangsu Province, proposed measures to help the specialtyconstruction of Independent College of Jiangsu Province. Firstly, relying on maternalresources properly, set specialty on the basis of full investigation of market, and fosterprofessional characteristics;Secondly,Introduce, train, borrow, Vigorously promote thetransformation of teacher and train Double-professionally-titled teacher. Thirdly, at the aimof training applied talents, improve practical teaching system and culture students’ application capabilities. Fourthly, further improve talents culture quality assurance systemof Independent College. Sixthly, pay attention to nurture characteristic of SpecialtyConstruction.Finally, the article affirmatives fully the value and role of the specialty constructionevaluation system, but it also reflects from the professional and scientific perspectives, toperfect the specialty construction evaluation system and make independent college ofJiangsu Province healthy and sustainable development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Specialty Construction, Specialty Evaluation, Independent Collegeof Jiangsu Province, current situation and countermeasure
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