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Preschool Education In Higher Vocational Colleges Professional Curriculum Research

Posted on:2013-10-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330374461959Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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With the development of the society, and the enhancement of education popularization, a widespread call was made for extending the age limit of education. But the dispute about extending forward or afterward existed. A large proportion of people endorse the proposal of extending the age limit forward. From the view of educational equity, the preschool education is the starting point of the lifelong education, so the education on the pre-school phase plays an important role throughout life, and the popularization of preschool education will become the development tendency of education. But for the time being,teacher training organization can not meet the great need of preschool education. In order to meet the need, colleges which was short of the major of preschool education changed, and other colleges take measures of enrolment expansion. Referring the development of preschool education, the quality of teacher training is the guarantee of preschool education, and the curriculum is the key point of it. So it is significant to discuss the the curriculum setting on preschool education. The author wants to ask for information about the curriculum setting on the teacher training of our country in the current situation by case study, aiming at offering some proposals for the curriculum setting in Higher Vocational College.In this paper, the author will take the major of preschool education in L Vocationl Technical College as a case, trying to obtain the primary source about the courses setup of preschool education by investigation method and comprehend the actual state of the courses.Combining the theory achievements collected by the use of literature method and comparison method to research the curriculum setting of preschool education in our country deeply.The article mainly researches in the curriculum setting of preprimary education in four sections.The first section tells the theories on curriculum setting of preprimary education, including the research of the principle and the ground of curriculum setting of preprimary education. Describing the research of principle and the ground in order to provide a theoretical basis and research evidence for the study. The second parts introduces the background of the example school, the training objectives and requirements, course content, course structure, teaching and assessment of pre-school education to provide realistic and practical basis for the pre-school curriculum research of Higher Vocational Colleges.The third part evaluates and analyzes the status of the arrangement of curriculum on the base of the arrangement of the example colleges. It finds the characters of the syllabus design:The teaching time of professional skills courses is more than of professional theoretical courses; The educational practice course takes a small proportion and concentrates in a certain period; No elective course in the type of curriculum; Less cooperation with employer during education;it is lack of vocational curriculum assessment system.The fourth part starts from the arrangement of pre-school and on the base of the theory of the pre-school education curriculum in Higher Vocational Colleges, aimed at pre-school education curriculum of the example school, then proposes out the followings:To increase the time proportion of professional theory courses;To increase the proportion of hours of educational practice courses, for example increasing quality training courses and education practical classes; To increase the number of elective courses so that to develop student’s personality; To strengthen the cooperative relationship with employers; To establish an effective assessment system for pre-school education; To set up educational objectives dynamically through market orientation.Through the analysis of the case, this paper sets some useful experience for Higher Vocational Colleges to arrange their pre-school education curriculum. Therefore it has significant meaning for promoting reformation of pre-school education curriculum of Higher Vocational Colleges, responding the challenge from technological advances and new curriculum idea, narrowing the gap between the talent cultivation and the needs of the society.Certainly,curriculum reform is a very tedious and difficult task, the study on pre-school education curriculum in Higher Vocational Colleges in this paper is still preliminary, future studies is needed to improve pre-school education curriculum of Higher Vocational Colleges. In future, experimental prove will be used to optimize the curriculum in order to continuously improve and perfect the curriculum of pre-school education in Higher Vocational Colleges.
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