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Study On The Teaching Staff Construction In Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2018-12-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2347330515451063Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Secondary vocational education is a part vocational and technical education and secondary vocational schools have been the important strength to improvement laborerís technology quality and have transferred many primary and secondary technical personnel and skilled workers.As the nucleus of the secondary vocational school,teachers are the development basis and directly decided schoolís future development and the graduatorís quality.In the face of fierce competition,it is urgent and difficult task to effectively establish and stimulate the professional and good skilled teaching staff.According to the current situation,I have analyzed and researched the teaching staff construction from secondary vocational school so that they can adapt to the current development of secondary vocational school.So I consider there are certain theoretical value and practical significance.During the development of secondary vocational school,it has faced the policy opportunity.In the secondary vocational school teachers are the core strength of development and teaching staff construction is the key work schools rely on to survive.Take ďSĒ vocational school for example,using literature search method,field survey method,questionnaire method and so on.On the basis of human resource management theory,target administration theory and performance appraisal management theory,I have researched and analyzed the current situation and existing problems of teaching staff.Through in-depth understanding of s vocational school running characteristics and the present situation of the teaching staff,including teachersí educational level,title,age structure,the teacher liquidity strong,then analyzes the problems appeared in the process of teaching management.Currently existing problems and the deficiencies to the management of teaching stuff in the secondary vocational school,including teachers limited number,record of formal schooling and teaching levels do not match,recruitment channel narrow,imperfect teacher training system.I hope to provide the opinion and method on the building of the contingent of teachers in secondary vocational schools.According to current situation secondary vocational teaching construction,I have researched the hot topic on double qualified teachers and have analyzed the existing problems.It is the key points to attract talents by multi-channel and optimize the project on the teacher training and performance appraisal.Firstly,clear the general goals of teaching staff construction and promote quality of double qualified teachers and set up effective evaluation system to satisfy the current teaching demand.Secondly,widen the channel of the talents introduced by the good teacher recruitment system.Thirdly,optimize teaching training system and improve the teacherís career plan and teaching ability.Fourthly,improve the system and clear the goals on performance appraisal to set up the effective measure.By the above measure and suggestion,we could perfect the personnel training,teaching and social service in secondary vocational education.
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