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Research On The Relation Of Our Country Population Dividend And Economic Growth

Posted on:2013-08-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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In30to40years after World War II, the East Asian region, which is with Japan and Asia ’s"four little dragons" as the representative, has overcome that the poor resource had restrictedeconomic growth, improved the people’s lives and realized the social progress through the growthof the economic. Success of East Asia economic development was known as "East Asia miracle".Coincidentally, East Asia economy took off when the population structure change from high birthrate, high mortality rate and a low mortality rate to low birth rate, low mortality rate and low naturalgrowth rate rapidly. Now, the research results about East Asian miracle show, it’s one of theimportant reasons of the East Asia miracle that making full use of the demographic change broughtfavorable opportunity of economic growth. Similarly, the demographic dividend is one of theimportant reasons of the" China miracle". In the process of demographic transition, economicsociety enters "gold period" when working age population proportion is higher, and the dependentpopulation the proportion of the total population of lower, this is the so-called" demographicdividend".According to the predicted outcome of statistics population experts, at this stage, China is stillin the demographic dividend period. with the increase of the elderly population, the elderlydependency ratio is rising, demographic dividend gradually is being weakened, China’s economy isfacing a challenge again. So, how to make full use of the present population dividend,and how toseek new economic growth source to maintain its high speed development needs, is the startingpoint of this study and the purpose. First, This paper introduces the concept of population dividend,basic characteristics and conditions of realizing. Secondly, this paper describes the demographicdividend on the inherent mechanism of the economic growth, and makes the empirical analysis of the demographic dividend contribution to economic growth in china. Subsequently, it analyzes theeffect on economic growth with the population structure evolution of future population changes.From the reality of our country we can see that China’s demographic dividend is not fully utilized.On the basis of this, this paper puts forward that if we want to change the potential opportunity intopractical economic growth and wealth accumulation, we should need to implement the strategy ofemployment priority and the transformation of economic development mode in order to make fulluse of and the extension of the demographic dividend, and realizes the sustainable development ofChina’s economy.
Keywords/Search Tags:Demographic dividend, Economic growth, Labor forceparticipation rate
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