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The Study Of Demographic Dividend And China's Regional Economic Growth—based On The Factor Of Labor Resource

Posted on:2018-02-05Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2417330518457983Subject:Labor economics
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China has the biggest population in the world.The demographic dividend brought by changes of population age structure has become one of the powers of promoting China's economic growth.The deterioration of the aging problem and the imbalance regional development has made demographic dividend play different roles in the eastern,central and western areas of China.We selected four provinces or cities respectively in the three different areas in China,using the related parameters of demographic dividend and the population mobility of each province or city to compare the demographic dividend in different areas.We also take demographic liquidity into consideration.At the same time,we use factorization method to decompose various factors which influence the economic growth,and obtain the factor of demographic dividend contribution rate which based on the labor resource for economic growth of each province or city in different areas.Firstly,this paper expounds the related concepts of demographic dividend,illustrates three types measurement index of demographic dividend,the relationship between demographic dividend and economic growth and the conditions to realize the demographic dividend.Secondly,through the contrast of the demographic index,such as the birth rate,mortality and natural growth rate and the dependency ratios,to show that the demographic dividend performance of eastern region is better than that of the central area and the western area,the demographic dividend performance of the central area is better than the western area.Thirdly,we analyze the present situation of China's demographic dividend and illustrate the problem of demographic dividend and the causes of it.Then,this paper introduces the method of Logarithmic Mean Divisia Index method which included in the factorization methods,we use the simplified form to decompose the contribution rate of the demographic dividend which based on the labor resource in the eastern area,the central area and the western area,and then compare their contribution rate of each other.After the comparison,it is concluded that the working-age population of the central and west areas flow to the eastern area.It also reflect the different roles the demographic divided played in the three different areas,which coincide with the results in chapter three.Later,we concluded that the demographic dividend has a promoting effect on economic growth,the size of it is different in different areas,and then take the population mobility factor which affect the demographic dividend into account,it is the labor productivity that means.Finally,we come up with some suggestions in regional demographic dividend and labor productivity.
Keywords/Search Tags:Demographic dividend, Regional economic growth, Labor resource
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