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The Analysis Of The Influencing Factors Of The Guangxi College Graduates

Posted on:2013-09-04Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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With the rapid development of our national higher education in our country, the western local college graduates are also increasing year by year, which cause the graduates’ employment problems becoming the focus attention of the whole society, compared to the graduates in the developed economic area of the east coast, the western local college graduates face the more serious employment problem due to the factor of history and reality. In essence, the college graduates’employment is the allocation problems between economic development and human resource, which influences the implementation of the national talents strategy and f the long-term development of the higher education, and also directly related to every graduate’s family and its future.This paper takes the western local graduates as research object, apply the questionnaire survey method, literature analysis method and the empirical analysis method to analyze the western local college graduates’ employment. The structures are as follows:firstly we review the related college graduates employment at home and abroad and the classical employment theories, then, based on the analysis of current graduates employment situation, we summary the factors influencing the western local college graduates employment, including the macro environmental factors, two sector of urban and rural labor market structure, specific human capital, the return of human capital investment and social capital. And then take the western local college—the2012th of Guangxi University graduates as an example, choose the human capital and social capital to conduct the empirical analysis, resort to Logistic regression model mainly to the mechanism of social capital influencing the graduates employment, and get the conclusion:firstly, the more individual human capital accumulation, the more competitiveness in the job market. Secondly, the social capital, which is determined by the family economic status, not only influences the graduates’ future selection and employment success rate, but also affects the graduates’ behavior in the process of job hunting and employment direction. Finally, in order to crack the western local college graduates employment problem, we put forward the targeted policy recommendations.
Keywords/Search Tags:employment problem, influencing factors, the Guangxicollege graduates
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