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Study On Higher Vocational College Students’ Satisfaction Degree With The Quality Of Education-the Construction Of The Evaluation Model

Posted on:2013-08-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the1990s, customer satisfaction as a theory being established in westerncountries, the research of it and the method of measuring it has been carried on.Under the influence of the research abroad, our country theorists and businesscommunity also started this research,and there have been many industrial enterprisesand service organization applying the findings in practice.Higher vocationaleducation develops fast in the world,,China’s government propose clearly that weshould develop vocational education vigorously.In the process of the popularization of higher vocational education,the competitionin enrolling new students is becoming serious. College students (Consumers) arebecoming more conscious of customer satisfaction. As a new thing,how to satisfystudents and how to survive in the fierce competition is becoming realistic. Only dothe vocational college understand the students’need and attempt to conduct anvocational college study of the student’s satisfaction surveys, using a college inQuanzhou for example. The study is divided into four chapters;.It used methods ofliterature research, survey and interview, comparison, data analysis.The first chapter is introduction, which explored the background and thesignificance of this study. It also includes the research methods, contents and logicalthinking to the study. The review and analysis on home and abroad literature aboutstudent satisfaction laid a certain foundation to this study.The second chapter is the theoretical basis of this study. The related concept ofcustomer satisfaction (CS) was introduced at first, and defined the core concept ofstudent professional satisfaction, limited the range of study. Then addressed thetheory of CS, contains SCSB、ACSI、ECSI and CCSI. Finally, analyzed theapplicability of CS in higher vocational colleges and prove it.In chapter three, first, the method---AHP which is used to analysis in this paperwas shown, and then builds an indicator system on customer satisfaction of thevocational colleges’ education and teaching servers by literature research and expertinterview. Then, we calculated the Weight of every indicator by AHP.In chapter four, we get date of customer satisfaction of a higher vocational collegethrough the questionnaire survey and interviews in Quanzhou, and then made severalsuggestions to improve the students’ satisfaction of education in higher vocationalcolleges.Chapter six is a summary of this study, and gives some suggestions on the futureresearch for improvement.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher vocational education, AHP, Customer satisfaction
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