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Research On Structure Optimization Of Undergraduate Specialties Of Tianjin Local Universities

Posted on:2013-10-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330392953094Subject:Business Administration
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Specialty is the most important and fundamental teaching organizational unit ofuniversities and colleges. It is the basis of the survival and development of highereducation institutes. As the key factor of development of higher education institutes,the design and construction of specialties directly determines and reflects theteaching quality and strength.At present, the higher education of China is in the massification stage. Tianjinhas entered higher education popularization stage. There are several urgent questionsrequires attention and research, such as how does the higher education serve thesociety better, how to achieve the integrity of talents chain, disciplines chain andindustrial chain and how to meet the higher requirements about talents training of thedevelopment and opening up of Binhai New Area.Take the undergraduate specialties of Tianjin local universities as researchobjectives, the thesis starts from the basic concepts and theories of specialty andspecialty construction, and offers a brief review of history of the design anddevelopment of specialties of Chinese higher education institutes as well as whathave been done in the adjustment of undergraduate specialty structures in Tianjin. Itanalyses the design of specialties, enrollment and employment situations of Tianjinlocal universities and intergity conditions between specialty construction and pillarindustries and leading industries of Tianjin. The thesis tries to find the mainproblems of planning, construction and development of the specialties in Tianjinhigher education institutes. A three-dimensional dynamic model is established for theoptimization of specialty structure. The author also uses analytic hierarchy process toanalyse the model to get the index system. Kinds of strategies and ways of thedevelopment of specialties are raised according to the different positions of thespecialties in the model by relative quantification analysis method.Finally, by usingbasic theory of marketing, the author offers advice to optimize the construction ofspecialties.The thesis innovates in the establishment of a three-dimensional dynamicspecialty evaluation model. A specialty construction evaluation system is formed bythree primary indexes which are specialty comparative advantage, specialty construction resource allocation capabilities and the development space of specialties.Through a combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis methods, this modelcould help policy makers to choose different development strategies and pathsaccording to the concrete conditions of different specialties in universities andcolleges.
Keywords/Search Tags:undergraduate, specialty, specialty construction, specialty structure, evaluation model based on specialty
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