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Competence And Specialty:A Study On The Specialty Construction Of Secondary Vocational Schools

Posted on:2014-02-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2247330398982840Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Competence Based Vocational Education is a vocational education system that emphasizes taking competence as the base and aiming to obtain the actual post ability. That education thought emerged in the1960s, and then, with the further development and improvement, the influence swept the whole world’s vocational education. In the last90s, the competence based education was introduced to China, and it caused great sensation among all kinds of vocational colleges and schools in China.Competence Based Vocational Education has five typical features:take the vocational competence as the education base; take the competence as the base of teaching; emphasize students’self-learning and self-evaluating; emphasize the flexible teaching method, strict and scientific management; grant occupation qualification certificate to students, in a word, the core and vital factor is "competence". With the development of the times, the connotation of "competence" gets more and more plentiful, from the first specific job skills to the later key ability, the changes of connation just reflected the society’s new demand of human resource with the development of society. However all changes come to the same core, the society’s demands towards "competence requirement" will never fade away, so the vocational education must adapt to the daily changing complex environment. By taking the "competence" as the base point, so as to enhance the students’employment ability and the school’s ability of social adaption. Under such kind of situation, the study take the competence based specialty construction in the secondary vocational school as the research problem, hoping can provide some new method and thinking to the secondary vocational schools’ specialty construction.This essay contains7parts:The first part is the realistic thinking towards the secondary vocational schools" specialty construction. In this part, I introduce the practical problems that occurs in the process of secondary vocational school’s specialty construction; furthermore, I discuss the ideal characterization of specialty construction in secondary vocational schools. The second part introduced the background information of competence based specialty construction. Starting with the dilemma of the secondary vocational schools’specialty construction, and combing the connotation interpretation towards the competence based education, then elaborating the inevitable fit between competence based education and the specialty construction of secondary vocational schools.The third part discussed the system architecture of competence based specialty construction. And this part mainly starting from discussing the target and requirement, principles and the model, the implementation and evaluation of competence based specialty construction, and also this part analyzed the characteristics of each level.The fourth part is the case study. In this part Ⅰ choose three secondary vocational schools from different kind of levels in Chong Qing city. Through the concrete investigation towards each competence based specialty construction’s situation and the further analyzing, I conclude the case’s experience.The fifth part is the real review towards the secondary vocational schools’competence based specialty construction, combined with the real situation of the cases, I sum up the achievements that already gained and the problems that still exist. Through the comprehensive and detailed review, we can understand the competence based specialty construction’s real situation while during the process of practice.The sixth part is the demonstration towards the system security of the secondary vocational schools’ competence based specialty construction, constructing the security system include two subsystems:the outside school security system and the inner school security system. Through the two subsystems work together to guarantee the normal operation of secondary vocational schools’ competence based specialty construction.The seventh part is the conclusion and the enlightenment part. First I summarize three conclusion of the study:"competence based" is the rational orientation of the secondary schools’ specialty construction;"competence abeyance" is the realistic predicament of the secondary schools’specialty construction;"heading for competence" is the inevitable requirement of the secondary schools’specialty construction. And through the further induction, I put forward the enlightenments:the implementation of competence based specialty construction should take the competence criterion as the premise; the working of competence based specialty construction need the multiparty cooperative security; the effect of competence based specialty construction need the real-time monitoring.
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