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The Study Of Quality Management Information System On Undergraduate Education

Posted on:2007-02-14Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2167360185979992Subject:Agricultural mechanization project
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Undergraduate education is the main body and basement of higher education. To do it well is the key to improve the quality of the whole higher education. After the entry into the 21st century, people from different parts of our society pay more attention to the teaching quality issue in universities. The teaching quality issue is not only teaching level issue, but also management issue. So the building of quality management system on undergraduate education, and the design of quality management information system on undergraduate education is an important way to impove the undergraduate education quality.Some research and work has been done, as follows:(1) Analyse the current status quo of undergraduate education management in China, and point out the problems in undergraduate education management.(2) Discuss the feasibility and necessity of building the teaching quality management system with ISO9001: 2000.(3) Build the quality management system on undergraduate education with using the way of combining ISO9001 and the evaluation system of undergraduate education management, the trait of education and college, conversion of ISO9001 elements, to solve the difficulty of the application of ISO9001 in college. The quality management system combines the process management and target management. It uses the process management to ensure the realization of passing the evaluation. The quality management system can improve the quality of undergraduate education.(4) It is hard to keep the effect of education quality without quality management information system. The quality management system and quality management information system are supplements each other. The quality management system is the precondition and foundation of the quality management information system of college. Also the quality management information system sustains the quality management system. The application of the two systems not only improves the efficiency of the quality management system, but also the education quality. The management information system is designed by IIS + ASP + ADO + Access. It is a complex project to build the quality management information system. The layout of the quality management information system, and the software of graduation design which is an important sub system, is designed. The software of graduation design realizes the quality control of most process, improves the management efficiency and ensures the education quality.
Keywords/Search Tags:Undergraduate Education, ISO9001, Quality Management System, Management Information System
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