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A Study On The Status And Countermeasures Of The Teaching Staff Construction Of Secondary Vocational Schools In Fujian Province

Posted on:2013-08-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L J HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395965282Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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The Vocational education could cultivate various skills from workers in the first line of production management, which has a close, direct contact with the development of society and economic. Facing the new situation of employment structure change, the technical upgrading, and industrial adjustment, the society needs some more new modern workers provided by the vocational schools, whose skills contain certain technical, and have the abilities to know how to gain it. The teachers of secondary vocational school are the most valuable wealth in vocational education. The key function of the construction of teachers’team is that it guarantees the quality of education, achieves the aim of training, and forms its special characteristic.Fujian province is promoting the plan about construction of cultivating technical and talented persons. At the same time, the vocational education of Fujian province further expands the scale of schools and teachers’team, which bring many serious tests to teachers. Through analyzing the present situation of teachers’team of the secondary vocational school in Fujian province, and make specific issues survey about teachers’job, study, live and occupational attitude, on that basis we drawing the experience lessons from foreign regions. Then this article puts forward some useful countermeasures and suggestions to the teachers, such as the construction of teachers’theoretical study, school internal reform, the teachers training, evaluations and so on. Hoping this article can help the teachers, schools, government and even the whole society could fully understand the importance and urgency of improving the overall quality of the teachers’team. In order to satisfy the developing needs of society and economic, we should continue take some measures like strengthen the power of teachers’team, build a high standard and strong the practical ability.
Keywords/Search Tags:The secondary vocational schools, Construction of teacher staff, Vocational education, Fujian province
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