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Based On Competence-based Educaiton Students Professional Ability Training Of Wushu And Traditional Sports Specialty

Posted on:2015-02-17Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2267330425494224Subject:Ethnic Traditional Sports
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In today’s society science and technology rapid development, in the face of thecontext of globalization,the talented person desires should be the core competitivenessbetween countries. And the importance of education, in the face of the current economic,social, scientific, and cultural aspects of development, the role and status of the educationis more and more important, the students’ vocational ability training more and moreimportance by unit of choose and employ persons education and society. Wu shu andtraditional sports specialty is mainly in talent cultivation, the cultivation of informationderived from the Wu shu and traditional martial arts teachers professional sports training.Wu shu is an important part in the field of professional teachers, nowadays manyprofessions are emphasized the professional ability of keywords. So, the cultivation ofstudents vocational ability is martial arts professional sports college wu shu professionalkey research problems.North American competence-based education (CBE) and bring enlightenment to ourtraditional education mode? So how to apply competence-based education (CBE) model,todevelop a wu shu professional ability of students have? How to develop? This is the paperstrive to solve the problem.In the process of this study, using the literature material method, logic analysis andinterview method, comparative study of research methods, delphi method article isscientific and rigour. This article on the competence-based education (CBE) model, on thebasis of employment in primary and middle schools for wu shu students wu shu teachers asthe guidance of professional ability is analyzed. This paper’s main content has thefollowing several aspects:(1) Analysis of competence-based education theory.(2)Theanalysis of the factors influence the formation of wu shu teacher professional ability.(3)The wu shu teachers on the job of vocational ability.(4) Using the CBE teaching modeltraining wu shu and the national traditional sports professional students employment inprimary and secondary school wu shu teachers as the guidance of professional abilitytraining.Conclusion is:(1) this article mainly expounds and demonstrates the wu shuprofessional students employment oriented wu shu teachers on the post professional abilitytraining in the application of competency-based education mode and method, so that thestudents of wu shu in the professional ability, make it become the wu shu of primary andsecondary schools teachers of vocational ability is very strong.(2) Competence-basedteaching model in the process of training martial arts professional students, the key is the chart for the establishment of professional ability, and then construct the professionalability of DACUM analysis chart wu shu of primary and secondary schools teachersprofessional ability, determine the eight categories and194individual skills ability to field.By wu shu teachers of primary and middle school students professional capacity charts andintegrated modular teaching, sports colleges should cultivate the martial arts teachersprofessional ability to be more targeted and specific operational.(3) The CBE teachingmodel in the present study, essentially embodies in the higher vocational education, almostno research on higher education, therefore, this article on the study wu shu professionaltraining have the effect of a topic. The wu shu students ability at the core of teaching, so asto achieve the purpose of this paper, also provide theoretical suggestions for our country onthe martial arts teacher.
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