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The Study Of Entrepreneurial Learning On New Venture Performance Based On The Analysis Of Multiple Cases

Posted on:2013-08-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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Since the beginning of the21st century, the entity economy and technology informationindustry development rapidly, entrepreneurial activities become an active phenomenon in themodern economic. Both developed and developing countries, venture has gradually becomethe most dynamic part of the economic development of a country, and an important source ofeconomic growth. The strategy of building an innovative country has been put forward, thecentral and local government has introduced a large number of entrepreneurial activitysupport policies, and established different scale and level of the business parks to encourage,and good entrepreneurial atmosphere has been formed in whole society.The rise of entrepreneurial activities worldwide has promoted entrepreneurship research.The paper based on the theory of entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurial knowledge,entrepreneurial performance, divided the entrepreneurship learning into experiential learning,cognitive learning and hands-on learning; the entrepreneurial knowledge into identifyentrepreneurial opportunities and overcome the weak into new market; and the developmentof new venture into three stages of creation, survival and growth. Then, the paper throughcase studies, interviewed and researched entrepreneurs of four new ventures, explored therelationship between entrepreneurial learning, entrepreneurial knowledge and new ventureperformance, the study found that:(1) Three entrepreneurial learning methods have different role on entrepreneurialknowledge acquisition. Entrepreneurs through using different entrepreneurial learningmethods rationally and effectively can help them obtain and innovative use the knowledgequickly to promote enterprise development. Experiential learning can help new ventures toobtain knowledge of opportunity recognition, able to improve its capacity for identificationand development of opportunities; cognitive learning and hands-on learning can help newventures obtain knowledge of overcome the weak into new market, especially onentrepreneurship resources, products development, market information, management andother specialized knowledge; experiential and cognitive learning provide the basis anddirection for hands-on learning to some extent.(2) New ventures in different stage take different entrepreneurial learning methods. Ingeneral, in stage of creation, the ventures largely depend on its existing experience and knowledge to make decisions, and more focus on experiential learning; in stage of survival,the ventures mainly to take cognitive learning, by existing knowledge transformation updateor reconstructed, or using a variety of channels to obtain industry market information,mimicking and learning the operating of other outstanding enterprises to enrich theentrepreneurial knowledge and explore the market; in stage of growth, the ventures combinewith the cognitive learning and hands-on learning, on one hands, they integrate external andinternal knowledge to innovate, on the other hands, they accord the actual developments andexternal entrepreneurial environment changes to adjust strategies constantly, throughpractice to explore new programs and methods to enhance the competitiveness of enterprisesin the market and strengthen its market position.(3) Entrepreneurial learning has an important influence on new venture performance,but not directly, through an intermediary variable of acquiring entrepreneurial knowledge.And the new venture performance is influenced by external environment, such as industrymarket environment, policy environment.Study and analysis four cases, the paper put forward some suggestions. Entrepreneursshould using three different entrepreneurial methods flexibly based on the stage of ventures,to obtain entrepreneurial knowledge effectively, and improve the ability of adaption,innovation and market competitiveness, enhance the performance of new ventures ultimately.In addition, entrepreneurs should actively build entrepreneurial networks that is conducive tobusiness development, so the ventures can obtain entrepreneurial knowledge and resource,then enhance the competitiveness.
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